Thursday, 31 January 2008

Hard Rowing

Rowing being particularly punishing to me I have decided to deal with my fear head on.
2.5k should take 10 minutes so I will build to break that barrier.

2,000m Concept2 - set at resistance level 10 - 8 minutes 20 seconds
2 x 30Kg RC's
4 sets each arm 18Kg concentration curls

Ramen ( chow mein ? )
Banana #2
Cheese and ham roll
milky way
kinder bueno
chicken dinner

15 Large Stones !!

Dead Hang

10x40kg, 10x35kg, 10x30 kg assisted overhand grip dead hang pull ups
10x40kg, 10x45kg, 10x50kg seated pulley rows
57 crunches in 2 minutes
30 captain's chairs
3x10 40kg leg extensions
10 10kg overhead squats
3x10 20kg front squats

protein shake
tuna and sweetcorn in mayonnaise plus salad baguette
ceviche, then duck, rice and beans

2 Kronenbourgs, 3 Stellas. half a red

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


3x10 12.5kg cable crossovers
3x10 60kg bench presses
3x10 dips
3x10 25kg skull crushers
3x10 10 kg Two Arm Cable Curls
3x10 40kg EZ bar preacher curls

seafood and salad with vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice dressing
protein shake
noodles, pork and peas

3 normal lagers, 1 Stella

Deceiving looks

I woke up with a tremendous headache, my sinus blocked and beak streaming !

Nonetheless I set off just before lunchtime on my way to the Club. I was detained in Tesco for Lemsip and Linguine and returned to the office.

Shamed by my weakness I did head clubward straight from work !! What a good chap I must really be !!

2000Km concept2 - 8.5 minutes - I was pleased that I could manage that distance but disheartened when I noticed that the rower was set to 6 rather than 10 - never seen one not set to 10 before ??
15 minute noodle around a squash court
Pull ups and dips until I could do no more ( this is not a high number !! ) folks sniggered as I reattempted to crash out one last overarm pull up - it must have looked as though I was doing no more than attempting to shrug my shoulders but I was in agony and it was the most demanding exercise I have attempted for a long time !!
100m swim to loosen up Apres ups and dips.

2x Bowl of Oats
2x apples
2x Ham, cucumber and spinach leaf butties
2x Bowl of noodles
2x enormous helpings of homemade Linguine Carbonara ( Double cream,Butter and olive oil fried Pancetta, Romano Cheese, egg yolks - De Cecco pasta - Just everything a growing boy needs !! )

15 Stones !!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Muay Thai
more sausage
roast pork, bread and dripping
2 Stellas

(Note to self: Muay Thai the day after deadlifts and squats is something of a trial)

Marine Corpse !!

4.8 Km 27 minutes
46 Crunchies in 2 minutes ( the first 25 took only 30 seconds, the last 21 took 90 seconds and all my reserve and determination !!)
5 arm lock pull ups - underarm grip hands not spread further than shoulders.

Test Passed - I will head back to it periodically to assess progress. It certainly pointed out some deficiencies - particularly in the abdominals department !!

Headed back after work to check the exercises I find most difficult in order that I could make them part of any future regime.

1000m Concept 2 ( 3.5 minutes of pure hell )
1 x 30 Kg RC
Curls with 16Kg dumbbells
Clean and press with 16 Kg dumbells
1 x 30 Kg RC
1000m Concept 2 ( Worse than before ! )

I will have to include more rowing as I realised that I have been ignoring it because I have always found it so difficult !

Curry sauce ( the Thai one from Saturday night ) no rice
Small ham sarnie to fill the gap before bed.

15 Stones !!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Good Afternoon

3 x 8 90 kg deadlifts
3 x 10 100 kg squats
47 crunches in 2 minutes
3 x 10 150 kg leg presses
3 x 10 60kg pulldown machine
30 captain's chairs

sausages and tomatoes
protein shake
haleem and rice

afternoon of booze

Limited Success

Thursday - completed my own challenge - for some reason I find it very difficult to maintain 7Kmh on the X-trainer so I had to go at 8Kmh which feels far more natural to me though it is probably more strenuous ?

Then the Barn !

Friday - Llanelli for meetings and Guinness from 11.30 am till 1.00 am !!! Not a great training day !

Saturday - Light swimming then my alternate personal training gastronome regime ! Thai yellow curry with salmon and butternut squash, jasmine rice and coriander all followed by a Banana Eton Mess. Strongbow was the order of the evening festivities !

Sunday - Catch up from the excesses of the previous 3 days - no exercise but a steam and a sauna until I reached fainting point. Poached egg on toast - tiny pizza and gallons of water !!

Back in training this week !!!

Sunday, 27 January 2008

King of the Road


roundhouse stretches
3x10 40kg incline bench press
3x10 dips
3x10 30(?)kg EZbar preacher curls
3x10 16kg dumbell incline bench press
3x10 25 kg cable pushdowns
3x10 10kg incline bench curls

Bacon and eggs
Garfield Jerk Chicken
chicken, apple, mustard, honey and almond thing of my own design

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Failure is an option

30 mins on the cross trainer hills level 12. Couldn't relate it directly to John's challenge though. Maybe the Technogym machine is different to the one he uses.

Only got through the first three exercises on the 30kg Randy complex however, I felt that once the bar went down behind my head it wouldn't be coming back up again with any sort of dignity. This is odd as I was doing 30kg sets as recently as mid December. Maybe I was tired after the cardio.

roast chicken and grapes
chicken and vegetable curry

5 stellas

Friday, 25 January 2008

Still Swimming

Swam while Ben had his lesson.
cereal and fruit bars
chicken, chorizo and coleslaw
1 red, 1 Stella

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Failure !!

I failed in my own thrown Gauntlet !!

I managed the 15Kmh on the incline but I found 7Kmh a most unnatural pace and ended up variously at 5, 6 & 8Kmh - I tended toward the lower end of the spectrum particularly from 24 minutes onward !

Time did not allow the RC's so I will redouble my efforts today even though it means precisely the same exercise 2 days on the trot !

Oats with apple and blueberry
Cheese sarnie & a slice of one of those pork pies with a boiled egg in the middle

At least my weight is down to 15 Stones !!

One Day at a Time

2x8 1x3 90kg deadlifts (dodgy grip)
3x10 60 kg pulldown machine
3x10 150kg leg presses
1x24 1x6 incline sit ups
3x10 70 kg abductor machine
30 captain's chairs
bookcase roundhouse stretches

bacon and beans
protein bar
tuna pasta

5 Stellas, 1 red

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Rehearsal Reversal

3x10 65kg bench press
3x10 dips
3x10 40kg EZbar preacher curls
10 30kg, 2x10 40kg incline bench press
3x10 25 kg cable pushdowns
3x10 (l/r) 12kg dumbbell curls
roundhouse and squat stretches

cardboard buffet at meeting

An evening of lager

Weakened Wobbler

There is not enough AC/DC played through gymnasium headphones. This leads to assuming a pace which is comfortable but below that which would cause palpable physical remuneration.

Dynamic tension is that which is required to push boundaries and break through, sometimes painfully, to rich cornucopia of gain. To that end, brother mine, I dispatch the gauntlet in your general direction.

I will start the betting with a bid of 30 Minutes X-Trainer - interval hill setting - level 12 - 7 Kmh on the flat - 15 Kmh on the virtual hill. Post or Preceded by 3x 30 Kg Couture's ( unmodified ).

This is my challenge to you - I await your retort upon completion !!

500m broken swim - float held between ankles - upper body only.

Fiery Beef Fajitas

Strongbow (and nice it was too !)

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Workend Wearier

Jo and Dianne have engaged the services of a Personal Trainer who put them through their respective paces for an hour and a half yesterday. First session free.

I have elected not to engage any such bullying mentor and will now proceed with challenging and being challenged by the elder sibling at a significantly discounted rate. With some forward planning a regime can be preordained and the gauntlet laid down on a regular basis.

With the monies retained some more ostentatious recipes will be the subject of experimentation.

3 sets of 30 Kg Couture
20 minutes X-Trainer - Interval Training level 12 - 6Kmh on the flat & 15Kmh on the hills.

Chicken noodles
Tuna on a slice
Ham and mustard on a slice
Veggie Chilli with Stir fried rice

15 of your finest !!

No Pun This Thai'm

Muay Thai
tuna mayonnaise and salad baguette
3 Kronenbourgs

Monday, 21 January 2008

Weekend Worrier

3x8 90kg deadlifts
3x10 60 kg pulldown machine
3x10 150kg leg presses
3x10 50kg leg extensions
3x10 captains chairs
3x10 incline site ups

mushroom omelette and beans
child's cheeseburger meal

5 Stellas during day none at night

Weekend Warrior

Friday - no exercise whatsoever. Lunch in Harvester - Dinner at Vesuvio's - Nice !
Saturday - 35minutes X-Trainer on random - 15minutes recline cycle on random - Fuel was plenty of random.
Sunday - no exercise, plenty of grub.

Back to it, nose to the grindstone and arm to the wheel, are the motto's of the day !

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Chesty Puller

9, 6, 6, 6, 5 65kg bench
3x10 12.5kg cable crossover
3x10 dips
3x10 40kg EZ bar preacher curls
6 (l/r) 16kg, 2x10 (l/r) 14kg concentration curls
3x10 25 kg cable pushdowns
3x10 30kg cable pullovers
3x10 16kg dumbbell presses

mushrooms, bacon and egg
chicken and rice

2 reds

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Haute Couture - Haute Cuisine

5 sets of 25kg MRCq's

pork in mustard sauce and ratatouille courtesy of Gianni
jerk chicken and coleslaw

4 stellas, 1 red

Friday, 18 January 2008


Oats with apple and blueberry
Noodles in a chicken broth
Prawn sarnie
Ham sarnie

Knowing I was going out for an early start on entertaining duties I made haste to the Gym at lunchtime and bashed out 5K on the X-Trainer and returned to the graft until I had to catch a train to Cardiff and the Pub !

Pub in Cardiff 4.30 til 7.00 - Train to Neath - lift to The Barn until stop tap.

Guess my weight ??

Going Swimmingly

Swam while Ben had his lesson.

Breakfast - Haleem
Lunch - Haleem
Dinner - Haleem with rice
(I like Haleem)
choccy bar

2 reds

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Time was fleeting so exercise was swift. Lunchtime, dinnertime and suppertime was not so fleeting !

25 Minutes Treadmill - 3.5Km
3 x 24 Kg Dumbbell Lungeless Coutures

Ham and cheese rolls
2x apples
2x bananas
Plum Tomato and Basil soup
Pork Pie
Sausage Butty
Cadbury's Caramel
Star Bar
Several Just Brazils
Chicken Cardomon Korma with Steamed Basmati Rice and Peshwari Naan

By some miracle I am still 15 Stones !!

Cross Buttock

3 x 10 60kg bench
3x10 12.5kg cable crossover
3x10 dips
3x10 40kg EZ bar preacher curls
3x10 30kg cable pullovers
3x10 (l/r) 12kg dumbbell curls

muesli, melon, carrot and celery juice
tuna baguette
lamb casserole

1 Kronenbourg, 4 Jennings Cross Buttock Ales, half red

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Deal Appeal

Having mooted the new family membership deal at the gym some friends popped over for a squint last night and decided to sign up. With any luck this will act as a catalyst for attendance and dedication - Particularly as Di is down for the Bath Half Marathon in March. Additional kids in a group will be a bonus and as Jo will have Di to shoot the breeze with I can be autonomous and get on with training rather than waiting about and nipping back to the house for forgotten straighteners etc..

30 Minutes recline cycle - level 12 - 12Km

3 x 32 Kg ( 2x16 Kg dumbbells )upper body section of the Couture. Lunges, squats and good mornings all abandoned.

Broken 250m breaststroke ( 50m at a time )

Tuna and cheese pittas
Stella for lunch
Ham rolls
Tomato and cheese filled pasta in a meat ragu
Finished the top layer of a box of Crimbo choccies

Remarkably I remain at 15 Stones !!

Mostly Muesli

3x8 90kg deadlifts
3x10 90 kg squats
3x10 captains chairs
3x10 60 kg pulldown machine
3x10 150kg leg press
3x10 incline site ups

30 mins recline exercise bike hills level 12

beef, carrot and celery casserole
chicken kebab

3 Stellas

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Back to the Jack

Back to Jackapong for 2 hours Muay Thai last night.

tuna melt

3 Stellas

Building blocks

After a week of pure reclined cycling as a wake up call to my muscles and lungs I have taken the next step. Some weights and a measure of alternate cardio. I do not feel that my legs are sufficiently worked to embark on any running at this early stage in my return. Besides which I am aware of time constraints in these dark evenings.

Due to a new family deal which has started at the gym I have changed my membership status. Now Jo, Mia, Jazz, Georgia and Lara are all signed up from 1/2/08 and I am shelling out £40 less per month !
I am gratified that the deal was done but annoyed that I was not informed of it by the gym itself and had to chance upon it when booting J&G&L from my membership due to wasteful non attendance.

Oats with apple and blueberry
Tuna rolls

3 sets of 30 Kg Couture for lunch

Chicken Noodles

40 Minutes X-Trainer

Salmon roll
Crunch nut cornflakes
Double Burger

No booze
15 Stones

Monday, 14 January 2008

On the Ball

Friday - saunter to the gym with virtually no exercise followed by an evening of excess in the food and drink departments.

Saturday - No exercise other than sitting on a Gym ball to watch TV in the evening - core stability was improved with fish and chips which lowered my centre of gravity quite a considerable amount !

Sunday - Gym for a recline cycle - level 11 - 30 Minutes. One set of 30Kg Couture and a swim.

I have eaten too much to note here - drunk too much to record for posterity - and my weight remains at an impressive 15 Stones !

Going to get back to training and eating more sensibly over the next few weeks !!

Don't Ask

3x10 65kg bench
3 x 10 18kg incline dumbell bench presses
3x10 dips
3 x 10 40kg EZ-bar curls
3 x 10 30kg EZ-bar preacher curls
3x10 30kg overhead cable pulls
bookcase roundhouse stretches(?)

bacon eggs and beans
scotch egg
chicken, mayonnaise and sweeetcorn sarnie
beef, carrot, spinach and celery casserole
1 red

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Cafe des Amis


3x8 90kg deadlifts
3x10 90 kg squats
3x10 captains chairs
3x10 50,55,60 kg pulldown machine
3x10 150kg leg extensions
3x10 incline site ups

bacon and spinach scrambled eggs

Rolled pressed duck breast, foie gras, artichoke, hazelnuts and truffle dressing, Roast breast of corn fed chicken, wild garlic leaf mash, fresh morels and truffle oil, cheeses. Cafe des Amis

3 Kronenbourgs, 2 reds, glass of port.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Super Chip Supper

3x10 dips
3x10 pull ups
3 x 10 16kg incline dumbell bench presses
3 x 10 l/r 12kg dumbell preacher curls
3 x 10 l/r 12kg Standing One-Arm Dumbbell Triceps Extensions
3x10 25kg overhead cable pulls

30 mins recline exercise bike hills level 12

lamb casserole
cod and chips
2 chicken drumsticks
3 Stellas, 1 red

Friday, 11 January 2008

Scoring Pints

In an extremely opulent gesture of commitment to the cause I went to the gym en route to the pub yesterday. I earned my Bow and I drank my Bow !

30 minutes recline cycle - hills - level 11 ( Nigel Tufnel is to blame )

15 Stones

Chilli Noodles
Toasted cheese and soy Pitta
Pasta with roast tomato and basil

Bows and Lardys ( Though I have cut down to a de minimus level )

Early in the Morning

swimming while Ben had his lesson

muesli with yoghurt
lamb, carrot, aubergine and butternut squash casserole
1 red, 3 Stellas

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Banana Split

3x10 Captain's Chairs
3x10 incline sit ups
3x10 50kg upright barbell rows
3x10 150kg leg presses
3x8 80kg deadlifts
3x10 80 kg squats

muesli with yoghurt
protein shake with milk and bananas
steak, onions, mushrooms and peas
2 reds

Wednesday, 9 January 2008


5 sets of 25kg MRCq's
spinach and spud Spanish omelette
chicken mayonnaise baguette
Chelsea v Everton worth of Winter Warmer and Kronenbourg

Thin End Of The Cheese

Easy does it, softly softly, one baby step at a time.

30 Minutes recline cycle and a float in the pool.

Exactly 15 Stones.

Ham and Tomato Sarnie
Chilli and noodles
Cheese Pitta
Bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes.

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


3x10 62.5kg bench presses
3 x 10 40kg EZ-bar preacher curls
3x10 25kg overhead cable pulls
3 x 10 12.5kg Cable Crossovers
3 x 10 10 kg Two Arm Cable Curls
3 x 10 dips
30 mins recline exercise bike hills level 11

roundhouse and squat stretches

bacon, brie and cranberry sandwiches
beef, carrot and celery casserole
no booze

Monday, 7 January 2008

Day Three

No training again!

BLT baguette
chili and rice
blue cheese, and spinach and potato Spanish tortilla
2 reds

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Day 2

Another day off, as there is nobody but me to look after the New Ninja Bomber.
beef casserole and pasta
hot dogs
4 Stellas, 1 red

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Off Day

No chance to train.
2 reds

Friday, 4 January 2008

Dry Day Four

3x10 62.5kg bench presses
3x10 25kg overhead cable pulls
3x10 dips
3 x 10 40kg EZ-bar preacher curls
3x10 30kg(?) tricep bar
3 x 10 l/r 12kg dumbell preacher curls

fruit and nut muesli with yoghurt
tuna and colesalw with hot sauce plus celery
prawn and chorizo jambalaya with brown rice
no booze

Thursday, 3 January 2008


2 sets of 25kg MRCq's; hurt my forearm in the second, so I did abs ......
3x10 incline sit ups
3x10 Captain's Chairs
3x 10 each side 25kg rotary torso machine
2x15 bosu ball sit ups
1 minute feet on ball shoulders on ground plank
30 secs each foot, one foot on ball shoulders on ground plank
10 reps left and right, side crunches on apparatus

chicken and salad
prawn and chorizo jambalaya with brown rice
no booze

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

On the road again

Standard 5k run (clocked at 4.5k as I had to remind myself how to get the GPS working again at the beginning and ended at Tesco rather than home).
SMR legs

tuna and sweetcorn baguette
chicken and salad
no booze

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Always Outnumbered Always Outgunned

3x8 90kg deadlifts
3x10 62.5kg bench presses
3x10 dips
3x10 25kg overhead cable pulls
3 x 10 40kg EZ-bar preacher curls
roundhouse and squat stretches
3x10 incline sit ups

all day breakfast sandwich from motorway service station
ham salad baguette
chicken and chips
8 Stellas