Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Exercise bike

24km, hills, level 10.
1 hr 40 mins used over 1,200 kcal.
adductor and quad stretches.

Off to watch football and drink beer now.
13 st 13
lunch: pizza
dinner: chicken sweetcorn curry

No Bull !

I never got to play darts last night after all ! There was a large slag heap blocking the ochy so I had to forgo that means of exercise and concentrate on curling my arm whilst clutching a healthy pint of apple champagne.
In order to catch up on my missed sports evening I went to an RPM class first thing this morning which assisted in expunging me of any anti-oxidants I picked up from the cider and my fat free cigars.
No more exercise for me today, just rest and recuperation.

Tuesday, 30 January 2007

I pity the Pool !

Lunchtime and another attempt at swimming. I am starting to dread even the practise in this discipline as my form and stamina is so dreadful.
350m in 25m bites. I cannot tell if I am improving or just becoming more comfortably numb to the water.
We're off the end of the map here lads ! Here there be monsters ! ( From the id in my case! )

Flights of fancy

20Km Cycle, hill setting level 10. Burn ? More than somewhat I am afraid.
A de-brief in the sauna to soothe the tired thighs and lungs was followed by a few 25m experiments in failing to drown.
I will pop to the pool at lunchtime for more experimentation. I want to concentrate upon development of a reasonable swimming stroke before I attempt to swim any distance and ingrain bad habits into my muscle memory.
After work I plan a little trip to the pub to investigate how beneficial a game of darts and a few cheeky pints will be to my training regime.

... He Rested

I'm having a day off training today due to our bi-annual user meeting, although I have run into work this morning to pick the car up. I left it behind last night after entertaining delegates who came up to London last night. Only a five or so minute run, but a good reminder that road running is very different to the treadmill

Weight 13 stone 13. 1,100 kcal.
Breakfast Nihari and Naan. Dinner Chicken Kebab

Monday, 29 January 2007


500 m swim lunchtime. Also saw Ian, Ben's swimming teacher and told him I was in dire need of improved technique. He said to leave my name and number at reception and that either he or Michelle would call me to arrange a couple of lessons.

Train of Thought.

A less than remarkable weekend on the Triathlon front I am afraid. Another increasingly frequent day of rest on Friday was finished off plumbing myself into the continental tap at a local hostelry before tucking into a Brasserie style steak and trimmings in the new canteen on the SA1 development. The trimmings consistd largely of the recommended red and a few nourishing La-dee-dar's ! Back at the ranch my lack of training guilt forced me to watch Rocky IV and V in quick succession whilst devastating a new box of Kronenburg !
Saturday was a sedate affair. I did manage a 20 minute jaunt on an exercise bike but the vast majority of the day was spent pandering to the attention of the smallest and dearest.
Sunday was once again spent with the kids but we snuck a trip to the gym and I ran for an hour albeit at a very tame 8-9 Km/h for most of the trip and ended up clocking 9 K.
Feeling slightly more worthy we popped to the domain of some good friends where I tugged on their collar and tucked away strongbow whilst lauding the merits of the Triathlon campaign and noting how seriously Nick is taking things in comparison with me !! Damn cheek I say !
On the way home from the cider fuelled chat the kids started anouncing in varying degrees of over the top welsh accent 'I am the only Gay in the Village!', over and over and over again.
When they tired of this little game silence decended briefly only to be broken after about 90 seconds with the rather condemning enquiry : - " What is a village anyway ??".
Breakfast: Nihari & Naan
Dinner: Jacket potatoes, chicken, mushrooms.
snack: dry roast peanuts
booze: 860kcal
Weight 14stone 0

Sunday, 28 January 2007


605 kcal 43 mins 51 sec treadmill hills 6km level 8. Level 8 is about right for my current fitness level.
500m swimming. I still seem to swim a lot more slowly than most other people.

Eat Me

breakfast: scrambled egg, bacon, toast
dinner: home made fish pie
1500 kcal booze
weight: 13 stone 13

Saturday, 27 January 2007


25 km hills on the exercise bike took 1hr 28 mins and used 928kcal. Level 8 after I entered my age and weight.

I learned that this is definitely too much to do without a drink. Nipped down the V-cafe straight after and picked up a bottle of what turned out to be - the Official Drink of the British triathlon team. Coincidence? Perhaps ......

The Cornerstone of Nutrition

breakfast: tortilla made from 2 eggs, 2 back bacon rasher, half onion, 3 new potatoes and spinach. drank fruit juice
lunch: pasta with stir in sauce, brocolli, 2 chicken drumsticks.
office: 2 coffees
dinner: toast, chicken, tangerine, jaffa cakes!
Weight 13st 11
booze: 1230 kcal

Friday, 26 January 2007

Rush Hour

I got in the pool for a crafty 500m after work to make up for yesterday.

Managed to sort my steering problem out by realising that with goggles I could follow a straight line from the pattern of the panels on the pool floor.

Vaguely remembered from a post by John that I should be keeping my hips up.

Redesigned my breathing pattern to alternate left and right every three strokes.

Tried to turn my head as far as possible when breathing to get my mouth well out of the water without lifting my head up. That Linda Blair 360 degree neck swivel from The Exorcist would have come in handy.


Another gruelling training session with Gordon. He's emphasizing diet and nutrition more and more. I suppose when you think that I have been exercising very regularly for nearly eighteen months the way to further improvement is working smarter rather than harder.

I suppose it wouldn't be that much more work to record what I eat each day as well as my weight and booze consumption. That might give me a bench mark and start revealing patterns. It will be dull as ditchwater to read though.

Remember my name ......

A cheeky 5Km jog yesterday was followed by an hour long trip down Electric Boogaloo Boulavard into the audition rooms of the New York City High School for the Performing Arts!! ( Body Bloody Jam ! )
The lessons learned may prove to be essential training for the Triathlon as no matter what the challenge throws at me and no matter how I fail I can hold my head up high in the certain knowledge that worse and more embarassing things have happened to me!
You would be spot on if you were to think that I was the only male amongst the 40 or so strong cast of wannabe's !

This Morning

13 stone 12
1,100 kcal

Thursday, 25 January 2007

Airhead First Class

Thrown a fastball by life so no workout today.

Found out late that Ben's swimming teacher was sick, so his lesson was cancelled and my plan to swim during that half hour was blown out of the water.

Will try and go gang busters this weekend to make up. The early part of next week will be tricky as well due to work commitments.

'ell of a Buoy !

I was going to pop to the Gym this lunchtime and start practising some incremental swimming drills which will eventually build into a complete, stylish and competent swimming stroke ( well that is the plan at least!).
The first of these involves swimming while pushing your chest ( buoy ) down into the water. The displacement should push the hips upwards reducing drag and resistance and make swimming less of an effort.
I missed the window of opportunity by becoming embroiled in a conversation and then meeting about work management, allocation, revenue and targets for the next financial year !
Now I find myself tucking into a stack of corned beef and pickle sarnies longing for the end of the day so that I can do some exercise ! Anyone who knows me will realise that my previous equilibrium would have found me still waiting eagerly for the end of the day but yearning for one cheeky sherbet or the euphemistic "two".
Very much to my embarrassment I find myself booked into a 'Body Jam' class at 7.00pm tonight.
"A melting pot of hip hop, funk, latin and disco. A great fun class to get your feet moving and your heart pumping."
I am really not myself these days!
John 'Irene Cara' Browne.

Steady as she goes

Three pints of strong continental lager and half a bottle of wine last night adds up to 937 kcal taken on in the form of booze. As the wine was shared with the profit burglar over a kiwiburger I did wonder if I might be nudging Clydesdale weight this morning, but I was still 14 stone 1 when I got out of the shower.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

The Hills Are Alive

I did 6km on the treadmill lunchtime.

I programmed it for the distance, gave it my age and weight and then picked out an intensity level of 6 from the 1-12 range I was offered.

It started me off pretty slowly at 6.7 km/h but I left it to its own devices as I didn't know what gradient the hills would have and there wasn't going to be any more flat until the end.

It turned out that the machine altered speed according to the gradient, but I didn't up the level until towards the end so I ended up running for 56 minutes and burning up about 540 kcal.

I'll up the level next time to finish more quickly, but I imagine that running for nearly an hour even at an easyish pace is still bound to have put some fuel in the tank mentally and physically, rather like last Friday's long cycle.

The Scientific Method

Tuesday is one of the days I pick up the NNB from school and he stays with me.

Last night - post homework and artwork - was devoted to getting to grips with Marvel Unlimited Alliance over pizza on the XBOX 360. (Gimme a break, he spends the rest of time at Muay Thai or swimming.)

Having been 13 stone 12 then 14 stone 2, then 13 stone 12 again over the last three days, I couldn't help wondering if I could get my self up to fourteen two again - purely in the interest of scientific enquiry you understand - so I got outside 3 440ml cans of Stella then three 5ooml cans as chasers in addition to the pizza.

1,137 kcal taken on as booze, and weight this morning ..... 14 stone 1. One more slice and one more swig might have done it.

"Miss!"; What do you mean "Miss?"

I'm sorry, I have a cold.
I tried a run last night but I was aching all over and my breathing was laboured so mostly I walked.
Despondent I walked into the bar where I sat with Jo and my old friend Mr. Kronenburg. It was lovely to catch up.
Struggling out of bed at 6.15 this morning I just made it to the gym in time for my 6.45 R.P.M. calorie guzzle. I managed the class and was pleased with the work out itself and the rather sensible post work out stretches.
A relaxing, if brief, sauna and jacuzzi followed with a hot shower and I was in work by 8.20 and set for the day.
Rest and relaxation for me until tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Bloody Recovery !

The Triathlon book provides a recipe for a post exercise recovery drink.

8-12 oz fruit juice of your choice
1 serving of fruit ( such as a banana or frozen berries )
1-2 pinches of table salt
1-2 teaspoons of protein powder
1-2 handfuls of ice
Place in a blender and puree.

I have a tried and tested variation which has stood me in good stead for years.

8-12 oz tomato juice
1 stick of celery
1-2 pinches of celery salt
1-2 teaspoons of Tabasco sauce
1-2 handfuls of vodka
Place in a glass and stir with celery stick.

I am more than a little under the weather today and if it were not for the realisation that a missed workout would set me even further behind Nicks training slipstream I would not dream of attending the gym.

The Wandler

I've thought for a while that the Wandle Trail (1.2MB PDF), would be the answer when I start taking my road work out of doors, espeically as it is convenient for home, the office and Virgin.

So when I woke up early this morning I cycled up to Earlsfield and back a couple of times. I'm not sure of the distance but I was out of the house for 45 minutes. Ben cycled to school this morning with me in tow so I've got my bike with me and may try a little sight seeing tour to Morden Hall Park lunchtime.

Weighed 13st 12 this morning after 177kcal of booze last night.

Monday, 22 January 2007

The Challenge

Dropped the New Ninja Bomber back at his Mum's after Muay Thai. He wanted to stay with me and cried all the way there. I wanted him to stay with me so my eyes were damp all the way back. I went to the gym. A few weeks ago I would have gone to the pub.

Did a virtual:
  • 8km on the bike level 15 about 50 rpm
  • 4km on the treadmill flat at 9km/hr
  • 400m swimming.
I would have swum 500m but all my breathing experiments waterlogged my lungs. I think Andy's advice on my technique was sound though. All I have to do now is unlearn thirty odd years of bad swimming practice.


Friday night - Beer Festival - W/E lost to Family duties with just one 1.2 mile run and all today taken up with building Ikea furniture!!!
The pressures is on and I am overwhelmed by guilt and lost opportunity reading your posts. Well done Guys - great effort - I will redouble my resolve
Looking forward to meeting up John - reckon we should all get a run in pre-match as I understand we will be watching the game Feb 10th.
Nick - let me know how the Triathlon book reads - cleats or no cleats - Tri bars or no? These are the questions..............................

Carbo Loading

Lunchtimer in the pool - just 30 minutes or so. 12 lengths breaststroke as a warm up then 5 lots of two lengths crawl - trying to concentrate on form. Only swallowed about half the pool so that is quite an improvement !
Not much in the way of muscle fatigue, I wonder how much of a role nutrition based around an exercise session can assist and contribute to the benefits ?


I went for a run yesterday, I ended up having a few runs and a few walks over the course of 45 minutes or so. My legs were aching from the get go and I was physically and mentally exhausted from the rigours of regular exercise and a cumulative lack of restful sleep.
If I was to feel that way all the time then the horrors may set in and my desire and resolve to continue with the training plan would be severely dented.
I will turn to careful nutrition to try and assist. A couple of Bananas now should set me up for a lunchtime swim then a few carbohydrate laden snacks later in the afternoon should assist with an after work run. I will augment the run by sipping on a sports drink as I change then drinking plenty of water en route.
I hope I get to the level of fitness where I can train long enough for a recovery drink to be required after a work out in order to replace all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals exhausted by my Olympian exertions !
I am a very long way from that at the moment !

3, 2, 1

Consumed 531 kcal in booze yesterday evening, and was three pounds heavier this morning at 14st 1 than I was yesterday morning. It seems ridiculous. When I jumped on the scales out of interest on a midnight bathroom visit I was even heavier at fourteen three.

Never mind. Exactly three months until the big day. Clock's ticking dude.

Sunday, 21 January 2007


I swam 500 metres today.

I've had some advice, that the big weakness in my crawl technique comes from my breathing. I breathe on the right after every stroke and apparently bring my head right out of the water and look ahead hence wasting a great deal of my effort. I paid a lot more attention to breathing today and think I improved my efficiency moving through the water at the expense becoming a lot more erratic in terms of the direction in which I was heading.

I think I'll get some goggles and maybe even a nose clip so that I can concentrate on only getting my mouth far enough out of the water to take in air, rather than rubber necking like a tourist.

Blunt Force Trauma

I went to see Rocky Balboa for training inspiration, what I've got from it this morning is a precise delineation of my hangover: "blunt force trauma".

Weight this a.m. 13 st 12, energy consumed on the form of booze: lost count.

Training yesterday was 6km on the treadmill at 8km/h on hills of increasing ferocity, 8km/hr on the flat is a walk in the park, but at a 6% gradient when you've been running for a while it becomes more of a challenge. Finished with hamstring, adductor, and calf stretches then 3 sets of 10 for each of sit ups, pull ups and dips.

Lately on Saturdays when I have the new ninja bomber I go to the gym from 2 until 3 because the father of a school friend of his does the same so the boys look forward to an hour in Club-V together, and then we take them swimming.

This week we were invited back to theirs afterwards to eat, fate played the straight man, and we stayed for the evening. Hence my head this morning.

Do I need a dare of the hog?

Saturday, 20 January 2007

For the Wicked

Training last night and in the early hours of the morning consisted of consuming all the Continental in the house before cracking open a few bottles of red and watching Rocky I and II in quick succession. Watching Rocky films or even listening to 'eye of the Tiger' counts as training in my book !
Just finished a 20 minute jaunt on the cycle -hill setting, level 12, 100 rpm average. Then went for a paddle with the loved ones. Jo and I rotated the childcare lifeguard duties with swimming practise.
We are now all at "The Wonders" house enjoying their hospitality in liquid form.
I will treat this as a rest day and redouble my efforts tomorrow !

Good Morning

13st 13 this morning after 885kcal of booze last night.

Friday, 19 January 2007

The One After Next

Remembering the May Bank Holiday when I am committed to "Triathlon II: Back in the Saddle", I did 25km hills level 6 on the exercise bike after work.

It took a little over an hour, but went encouragingly well and used up - according to the display - three plus Stellas worth of energy.

I'll up the level a few notches next time I try it. I was averaging about 80rpm for what its worth. I don't know what use that number is to me, but I'll record it none the less.

A Testament to the Leuven Elixir

Cycle 10k, level 12, random setting.
Running Machine 30 minutes, level 5, 9Km/h, Hill setting.

Ankles hurt, blisters a go-go, absolutely shattered. Perhaps I will treat myself to a new pair of daps ?

A few more restorative Anno 1366 and I will be able to take on the pool tomorrow !

Athletic Support

Did an hour with Gordon, my trainer, focusing again on core stability and aerobic intensity.

The BOSU, the Swiss ball, and various medicine balls were all involved, but I also found that, in some of the more undignified positions I was required to assume, two other balls were put through a full range of movement. I think I will need to invest in some Nike Pro undershorts to help restrain those little guys.

Can you take away the pain, but leave the swelling?


Replenishing my supplies of energy drinks last night I found that when I looked at the subject before, I seem to have imagined the 330ml Stella can.

The standard edition is the 440ml can at 177kcal, and one can only gasp in wonder at the Jeroboam that is the 568ml edition at 229.

For the record then I consumed a relatively paltry 531 calories in booze last night and weighed in at 3 lb under the Clydesdale limit this morning.

Thought for food

While Nick furrowed the pool I managed 40 or so Km on the bike at level 15 ! Well, in terms of Stella consumption I did. What an achievenent without ever turning a pedal.
I am somewhat fatter than a twig.

Thursday, 18 January 2007


Managed 500m in the pool - without stopping for the first time - while Ben had his lesson.

Drowning in information, starved of knowledge

Pool again at lunchtime. Holding on to a float with grim determination and kicking out for all I was worth. Managed 10 or so lengths before exhaustion and frustration got the better of me.
I do not know how to swim !
My new 'immersion' book and a chastened resolve will have to repair that failing over the next few weeks or I am in some difficulty with the Triathlon.
I may have to go for a short, easy run later in order to regain my enthusiasm and some confidence.
I would anticipate a few fluid Kilo Calories will be taken on board thereafter along with the 4lb of Organic rump steak which hopped into by basket as I nipped to the shop for bread!

About Last Night

I have decided to start recording how much I weigh when I get up in a morning, plus the calorific vaue of the booze I drank the night before. (A bottle of wine is around 500 kcal apparently.)

This morning I was 14 stone exactly, after quaffing 900 calories the night before, though one glass of wine was cooked in the coq au vin so I don't know if it counts.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Once More Unto the Breach

  • 5km treadmill: 3 @ 8km/h then 2 increasing by 0.1 km/hr each 0.1 km to finish at 10 km/h
  • 3x10 bench press 60kg
  • 2x10 pull up (body weight minus 15kg)
  • 2x5 pull up body weight (my body weighs more than yours)
I know I'd been lunch time, but I got enormous satisfaction from this crafty post-work session for the simple reason that most of my peers were commuting at the time while I could get home in 5 mins.

Re V-Cycle

I did the half hour V-Cycle class in Virgin Active this lunchtime.

A tad camp for my taste to be frank, but a goodish workout that also included stretching (which I find a chore and am inclined to skip). I did a few sit ups myself after and now I'm back in the office.

I may well do it again next week as the profit burglar and I generally go out on "Eat your way around the world in London" on Wednesday evernings so I am in need of structure during the day if I'm to exercise. He is however off sick today.

Isaiah 57:21

To improve matters in the pool I deem it necessary to better understand my Chi conflict with the water.
The Qi of swimming is working with the water, not against it. I must preserve flow, grace and balance with an economy of energy. I must walk upon the rice paper without leaving a trace.
I have trawled Amazon for a suitable tome by Kwai Chang Cain and the like and discovered “Total Immersion”, a copy of which is currently gliding effortlessly to my home.

Master Po: [after easily defeating the boy in combat] Ha, ha, never assume because a man has no eyes he cannot see. Close your eyes. What do you hear?
Young Caine: I hear the water, I hear the birds.
Master Po: Do you hear your own heartbeat?
Young Caine: No.
Master Po: Do you hear the grasshopper that is at your feet?
Young Caine: [looking down and seeing the insect] Old man, how is it that you hear these things?
Master Po: Young man, how is it that you do not

When that fails I will return to Balboa !

What's your prediction for the swim?
My prediction?
Yes, your prediction.

Food for Thought

330 ml can of Stella = 133kcal = 2.7 km on exercise bike level 15
500 ml can of Stella = 202kcal = 4.0 km
pint of Stella = 229 kcal = 4.6 km

If I didn't drink I'd probably be thin as a twig.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Rest Day Daydream


This ultra-distance triathlon starts with an 87-mile run from London's Marble arch to Dover on the Kent coast, then a cross-channel swim to the French coast, and finishes with a 180 mile bike from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The clock starts at Marble Arch London and stops at Arc de Triomphe Paris. Only 3 athletes have ever completed the challenge, the current record being held by Enduroman's Eddie Ette and currently standing at 81 hours and 5 minutes.

La Moto

Cycling training has officially started !
30 minutes on a hill setting ( this was something of an accident but I couldn't waste any more time trying to figure out how the Personal Trainer setting worked ).
And now another day at the coal face.
"Stay in school and use your brain. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, carry a leather briefcase. Forget about sports as a profession. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker ".
Hat tip - Steve The Bike !
After washing away the lactic acid build up with a tin or two of the strong continental and a nourishing ruby I am leaning more towards stinker.

Don't Leave the Fight in the Gym

Another Virtual Triathlon last night:
  • 8km exercise bike @ level 15
  • 4km treadmill
  • 500 m swim (2x250m)
I'm gonna take a rest day today.

Monday, 15 January 2007

Contingency Plans

As my competence at swimming falls somewhere between a bag of sand and a lemming I decided that I had to establish a fallback position.
With that in mind I headed off to the pool this afternoon. I ended up splashing and spluttering through 500 m utilising my own rather clumsy version of breast stroke. That achieved and knowing that one shape or another I will be able to complete that discipline I set about teaching myself front crawl from scratch.
Out came the floats and I kicked my way through 125 m whilst attempting to regulate my breathing so that I took a deep intake every third virtual stroke. I will need to redouble my efforts if I am to compete with Nick who's training is honing him to a torpedo in the pool !
Perhaps I will try out the Dandy Horse later this evening just help visualise the three stages and the transitions.


John mentioned in an email this morning that his gym runs RPM indoor cycling workouts.

Virgin run similar V-Cycle classes. These could be useful to slip into the training programme for variation or when motivation is running low.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

More of the same

  • 8km exercise bike level 15
  • 4km treadmill 3.5 @ 8km/h last 500m @12 km/h
  • coffee and papers
  • 500m swim: 2x150m then 200m.

A girly in the same lane in the swimming pool kept surging majestically past leaving me floundering in her wake, underlining my need to look at technique once I can do 500m without stopping.

Slept like a baby last night and woke to find I weighed 14st 2 according to my bathroom scales I was half a stone or so lighter by the analogue scales in Virgin after training. I wonder which is right?

Off to meet some good men and true in the Southwark Tavern now, so with a following wind, a few pints and a curry I may wake as a Clydesdale tomorrow.

Virgin Blogger

Well I find myself finally posting having been inspired dazzled by the work of The 'Welsh Born Icon' and CD ROM. In the hallowed tradition set by the above henceforth I will tag as 'Bow mesh tart'. Training commenced this weekend after 2 Flu'ed out days in the week. I ran 3.5 miles this AM and recovered in reasonable condition accompanied by my friend and neighbour Llewelyn J - a semi-professional, semi-elite athlete. Llewelyn will now likely join the Swansea Childline challenge - he is a machine. I am somewhat embarrassed to be collecting competitors; with a firm commitment from the seafaring Captain Houldsworth. The Corsham Sprint lies beyond Swansea on the May Bank holiday W/E with promises from Nick and the Capt and so its shaping up to be an athletic start to the New Year. Paul Berry has also threatened to sign up to Corsham so all in all its going to be eyeballs out no-compromise training. Thank the Lord PB is running such a high BMI!
Llewelyn and I are keen to see how Nick fares with gym based training as we have no such access so go out and grind the streets.
Let the story unfold........

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Easy Does It

John gave me the useful advice last Feb of using the Virgin Active club socially as well as for exercise so - as I don't have the new ninja bomber this weekend - I spent a leisurely morning there over the following exercises liberally punctuated by reading the papers, drinking coffee and chin wagging.

3x10 bench press 60kg
3x10 pull up (body weight minus 15kg)

8km exercise bike level 15

4km treadmill @ 8 km/hr

500m swim in 4 lots of 125m

Well he jumped off the harbour in New York...

Wrong brother !! Sylvest is unavailable for comment at the moment and will not be drawn on his Indian exploits.
In an attempt to maintain momentum I ran the two miles to the gym this morning as a warm up to my Gala event in the pool.
I managed four individual lengths of the 25m pool, long breaks between each and the stroke was a mismatch between trudgen and breast. Not my strong suit I am afraid. I will really have to concentrate on that discipline if I am going to be able to complete the challenge.
Somewhat disgruntled I retired to the steam room in order to expunge myself of the excesses of another Friday night ( and early Saturday morning ) at the Barn !

Friday, 12 January 2007


8km exercise bike level 15
2km treadmill 9km/hr

Blistering Pace

Another luncheon run today. The first part was the worst; And the second part, that was the worst too. Several cushioning blisters have formed on the instep of each foot even though I had followed my Fathers mantra and was wearing two pairs of socks and a protective roll of elastoplast !
I shall turn my efforts to swimming tomorrow in order to rest my poor tired feet. I must remember to minimise drag, maximise water-line and to breathe only when my mouth is above water.
I do not think I have even attempted front crawl since I taught myself to swim during my teenage years. I was inspired to learn under the threat of Ma and Pa sending me to lessons with babies and toddlers in Splott baths ! On reflection I wish I had been sent to the lessons.

Brain Food

Currently winging its way to me from


Did an hour with Gordon this morning. His take on the triathlon is that I should concentrate on the disciplines for the next three months, focus on abs and stretching in other exercises, pretty much knock weights on the head but just do enough to maintain the upper body strength that I've got. He thinks I will probably lose about a stone with all the aerobic work.

We did a lot on the BOSU today. I was absolutely shattered at the end.

Thursday, 11 January 2007


Swam 500m today while Ben was having his lesson in an adjacent lane. Managed to do 5 lots of 100m in the 25m pool, up from 10 lots of 2 lengths last time.

Have got my fortnightly hour with Gordon tomorrow so I will get his advice on training.

Preliminary Discourse

Rather than hustle back between Newport and Swansea at breakneck pace today I decided to take a lunch break en route, nowadays that seems to be something of a rare treat. I stopped off at a gym and reintroduced myself to the rigours of the treadmill.
4Km took all of my resolve and most of the hour I allowed myself in the gym.
I currently feel like Pheidippides half an hour after making my announcement to the Athenians.
And so it begins.
In the words of Churchill : "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

No More auditions for the finger puppets !

Rather than simply longing to be fitter and having to find ever more outrageous excuses for avoiding exercise in any form I have been cajoled into something of a challenge. I have until April 22nd 2007 to get myself into some sort of shape and fit enough to complete the Swansea Triathlon. My girth at present is such that my arse spans two postcodes !

An evening of mental preparation lays before me with, perhaps, some helpful carb loading but I think it is extremely doubtful that I will actually don the ancient running shoes and shorts until tomorrow at the very earliest.

I shall have to plan an organised campaign to coax the tri-athelete out of me. Already I have resolved to go and see the new Rocky Balboa film and memorise the training scenes to gain a tactical advantage against Nick and the rest of the field at a later stage in my obsessive preparation !

Resolving to actually do some exercise is the next logical stage of my organised course of action.


Ran 4km on the treadmill in Virgin lunchtime today: 2k at 8km/hr, then upped the speed by half a km/hr every 500m so I was moving at 10 km/hr when I stopped.

Finished with a quick abdominals workout and then hamstring, calf, adductor, and shoulder stretches.