Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Heavin' can wait

5 sets of 25kg MRCq's.

(I can't help but think that that the MRCq is approaching the ideal exercise set for a desk jockey; the fact that the last half of it is done with a barbell on your shoulders all the time must be great for posture and scapular stabilisation for example. I'm tempted to tweak it again by putting some trunk twists between the "good mornings" and the lunges (MRCq II?), but that can wait.)

BLT baguette
sweet potato and salmon fishcakes with red pepper salsa
jam on toast
2 reds

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Monty !

1.5 Km treadmill warm up at 10Kmh.
3 sets couture-q at 30Kg followed by all I could manage of a 4th set at 40Kg.
20 Minutes recline cycle interval training level 10.
Several sets of 5 dumbbell clean and press @ 22kg.
Several sets of rapid dumbbell curls @ 14 Kg.
Swim and a steam !

Hungarian Goulash
Vegetable Pilaf
Cheese and ham toastie
Some Pringles and 2 Reds !!

Punch Drunk

12 km hills level 11 recline exercise bike (circs conspiring against getting to Muay Thai)
chips, bacon, eggs and beans
keema veg and brown rice
3 Stellas

Monday, 29 October 2007

Arms and the Man

3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 80kg squats
3x10 60kg bench presses
3x10 50kg bent over barbell rows
3x10 12kg simultaneous dumbbell incline curls
3x10 12kg dumbbell lying triceps extensions
3x10 incline sit ups.

fried egg sarnie
toasted tea cake with jam
2 piece KFC meal with coleslaw and orange juice
chicken and olive pasta
5 Stellas

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Play your cardios right

12 km hills level 11 exercise bike.

chicken biriani
chicken and aprocot tagine with couscous
3 stellas

Saturday, 27 October 2007


5 sets of 25kg MRCq's.
(The MRC is now the MRCq, which means instead of just resting between sets you do standing quadriceps stretches left foot in right hand after the first set, left in right after the second etc.)

ham salad baguette
roast chicken with roast med veggies
one and a half whites

Friday, 26 October 2007


5 sets of 25kg MRCs.
quadriceps stretches

BLT baguette
chicken dhansak, sag aloo, pulao rice
2 Kronenbourgs, 1 Cobra, 3 Stellas


Still suffering from the excesses of the 40 I failed to manage a couture session and plumped for a little cycle ride.
Disgruntled I headed off to that place of solace and succor - the pub !

Once there, cradled in the warmth of old friends company ( both liquid and human ) things did not look too bleak. I even sorted the Christmas roast for this year and I am more than pleased with the plan.

4 Duck Breasts stuffed inside a boned out chicken which is, in turn, stuffed inside a boned out turkey. The turkey will still have legs and wings and tips so that when it is correctly trussed it will look like a traditional roast bird. I think you will agree that this centerpiece for the table will be more than spectacular !

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Less than 40

5 sets of 25kg MRCs.
steak, chips, onion rings and pepper sauce
cottage pie
lots of lager

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Spa instead of sparring

25 mins swimming alternating breast stroke, crawl, and back stroke
10 mins sauna

egg mayonnaise rolls with tomato and red pepper relish, galaxy bar
cottage pie with extra veggies
2 reds, 1 Stella

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Ever Decreasing

1x 40Kg, 2x 30Kg and 1x 25Kg Couture - Lunges reduced to 5 per leg.

I was almost in tears with the exhaustion which ensued !

Few beers, some grub and perhaps the moving pictures tonight will be my reward.

The Hills Have Thighs

12 km hills level 11 exercise bike.(Still giving my shoulder a rest).

breakfast: remains of tuna pasta
lunch: ham, cheese and pickle baguette
dinner: bangers, mash, peas, onion gravy
2 Stellas, 1 red

Monday, 22 October 2007

The Booze and I

No workout as I rested my shoulder
bacon and mushrooms on toast
tuna and sweetcorn pasta
no booze

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Shoulder the Burden

12 km hills level 11 exercise bike
30 roundhouse kicks on heavy bag

breakfast: sausage sarnie
lunch: spicy lamb and vegetable fried rice.
dinner: crisps and 5 lagers

My right shoulder is killing me this morning, so no weights, Muay Thai or swimming until that is sorted.

Saturday, 20 October 2007

4 Days and 3 Curry Houses

5x 25kg MRCs.
20 heavy bag roundhouse kicks
BLT baguette
Twickenham Beer Festival
No scales on tour

Friday, 19 October 2007

Pain delay

I will hit the gym after work today - my plan is a heavy couture with a little cardio then a soak and a steam before making the evening my very own !


3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 80kg squats
1x10 40kg incline bench presses
2x10 60kg bench presses
3x10 50kg bent over barbell rows
10-10-6-4 "kipping" pull ups
3x10 25kg shoulder presses

bacon and egg baguette
Nihari and naan
2 Stellas

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Same again, landlord

12 km hills level 11 exercise bike
morning: nihari
lunchtime: egg mayonnaise baguette
evening: pub and curry (again)

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


5x 25kg MRCs.
20 heavy bag roundhouse kicks
ham cheese and pineapple baguette
Dinner at the local curry house
an evening's lager at the local pub

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Couture but More

Lunchtime torture - The Hybrid 3x at 30Kg 1x at 35 Kg. I was in agony on the last set and it seemed to last an age. My back was aching this morning !

Apres work I lounged in the sauna and Jacuzzi - I could not face any cardio.

Steak pie for lunch - Fresh Sea Bass and boiled pots for tea. (The 5lb Bass was caught at Hunts Bay on Sunday morning ! Nice !)

By the way that is a packet of Nihari in my pocket and I am glad to see you !!

Junk Food

Muay Thai Class
Double Angy Whopper
4 Stellas, half a white

Monday, 15 October 2007

Red or Dead

20 minutes bike - hills - level 10.

Tuna rolls and a selection of bakes, pasties and slices. A day or entertainment with clients - Stella and Bottle after bottle of red !
One of the most gruesome drinks I have had in some time - I may have done more training but I have little recollection of the end of festivities !

no scales on eyes

Standard Cardiff 5k, but walked up the hill.

ham roll
bacon rolls
roast beef, potatoes, carrots, sprouts, peas and gravy
tuna and sweetcorn pasta sauce
6 Stellas

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Back to Basics

Standard Cardiff 5k for the first time in a while.

Bacon Rolls
Caribbean Chicken
4 Stellas
no scales on tour

Saturday, 13 October 2007

no scales on tour

3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 60kg bench presses
3x10 50kg bent over barbell rows
3x10 70kg squats
3x10 "kipping" pull ups
3x10 25kg shoulder presses

bacon sarnie and orange juice
cheese and onion baguette
pork pie
1 glass white
no scales on tour

Friday, 12 October 2007

Couture Touture !!

3 rounds with a 30Kg Couture - this took me to a rather swift and agonising exhaustion.
This was followed by a blasting of the pythons!
5 each side 20Kg concentration curls was followed by a modified recline curl using the 20Kg dumbbells. By that stage 20Kg was beyond me so I sat forcing against gravity on 3 occasions of a 20 second duration, followed by a single concentration curl on each arm !

Tuna crunch rolls x 2, pears x 2, booze and more booze (the voyage of my life being bound in shallows and in miseries), tortellini in botched, drunken, carbonara sauce.

A tide in the affairs of men

30 mins swim while Ben had his lesson
scrambled egg on toast
pasta with ham, pea and cream sauce
2 Stellas, half a white

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Spaghetti Arms

20 Minutes recline cycle hills level 10 - 10 Km
Concentration Curls 3 lots of 3 each arm with 24 Kg Dumbell, then 2 lots of 5 with an 18Kg Bell.
I am considering building some arms where this sphagetti hangs from my shoulders.

Pear, banana, Chicken and chilli noodles with sweetcorn,Lamb dinner, scotch egg and a handful of cherry tomato's.

Roped In

6 lots of 2 mins skipping followed by 2 mins 10kg dumbbell curls. (The curls should have been heavy bag work, but someone was on it.)

tuna, sweetcorn and salad baguette
pasta with ham, pea and cream sauce
1 Stella, 1 white

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


Bacon Sub, Chicken Chowder,apple, banana, pot of wholegrain yoghurt, chicken stuffed with pate in a mellow yet spicy cream sauce, cauliflower cheese.

At the pain shop I :

ran 3k at 10Km p.h.,
suffered thurough 3 rounds of Couture with 30Kg bar ( had to drop the lunges in the final round ),
Ski 15 minute X-trainer - Hills level 10.

My legs are fantastically painful when I walk down the stairs but other than that I am surviving. Endorphine city here I come !

Have a rice day

5x 25kg MRCs.

lamb curry and rice
vegetable biriani
6 Kronenbourgs

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


exercise bike: 12 km hills level 11

ham, cheese and pickle baguette
pre and post theatre beers

Monday, 8 October 2007

Bacon, egg and mayonnaise deli sub
Chicken with XO sauce and fried rice
Beef Stew with veg and mash
Muller corner ( not recommended )

Last night I returned to the gym for my post couture cool down - 2k run, 15 minutes cycle, hill, level 10, followed by some curls and a one off rep of the couture using 2x 18Kg dumbbells.


The Couture was completed successfully for the first time today ! 8 reps, 5 laps, all with 25Kg on a bar !

I feel worn out but I will re attend later for a more relaxed swim and some easy aerobic work.

I hope this is the week I find myself returning to the endorphins !

Randy C Again

5x 20kg MRCB sets.
20 heavy bag round house kicks
10x16inch box jumps
Fruit and nut muesli
cheese, olives and grapes
large chicken kebab
6 Kronenbourgs

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Clean and Jerk Pork

3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 80kg squats
3x10 60kg bench presses
3x10 60kg bent over barbell rows
8-8-8-6 pull ups
3x10 25kg shoulder presses
100 roundhouse kicks on heavy bag
5,000m rowing
Commonwealth Cafe Big Breakfast
Ting'n Ting Jerk Pork and Coleslaw
Sweet potato, sweetcorn and chorizo hash
7 Stellas

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Alright (For Fighting)

2 hours Muay Thai as I am otherwise engaged next Monday
chilli and rice
tuna pasta
2 Stellas, 1 red

Friday, 5 October 2007


I had all good intentions -but they amounte to naught !

I blame a lack of vehicular transport and a hunger for booze.

I was all set to go to the gym - I had a lift organised to take me there but due to a lack of concentration and some chat I was ultimately dropped off at the house. I coule have taken Jo's car to the gym but I noticed a fridge full of suds and the rest is history !

Boozing in the house led to a trip to the Masons for a most acceptable steak and kidney pud with all the trimmings (the trimmings to which I refer are, of course, served in glasses rather than on a platter!)

Gym tonight !

Free Stylee

30 mins freestyle while Ben had his swimming lesson
corned beef, sweet potato and vegetable hash, melon, grapes
2 glasses red, 4 Stellas

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Wine and food

I have done the Couture in the kitchen recently with the heaviest items I could manage - 2ltr bottles, chairs even children last night. Children worked nicely - everything else just serves to keep one supple and improve muscle memory.

I will be back at the gym tonight and if I am very good I will treat myself to a libation thereafter !!

Evening All

12 km exercise bike hills level 11
SMR back of legs

fruit and nut muesli
mongolian barbecue
an evening out worth of lager

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Haute couture

5 sets of 25kg Modified Randy Couture Barbell Workout.

Quad stretches (on the theory that the Good Mornings and Romanian Deadlifts stretched my hamstrings already).

keema peas, dhal and rice
2 Stellas

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

In Brief

2 hours Muay Thai
BLT baguette
scotch egg
chicken and chips
marmite on toast
6 Stellas

Knees up

I actually had a swim last night - a float has been more my routine of late.
Arriving at the Glamorgan I was still too exhausted from the Couture to engage in any gym work so I headed off for a steam to ease my aching bones. By this stage my right knee was paining me more than somewhat and I shunned any impact training.

Guilty from weekends of excess I gritted my teeth and hopped into the pool. I only attempted breast stroke for I will need to hone my skills and resistance for freestyle and I did not wish to reinforce my bad habits.

Ended up swimming 700m - though this was really not against the clock.

My knee is aching like billio today and my schedule will make any exercise awkward as I am here there and everywhere; besides which my car hire expires today so I may be minister with no transport !

Monday, 1 October 2007

The agony and the extasy

Couture training at lunchtime.

2 sets at 30 Kg followed by 2 at 20 Kg which I attempted to carry out at the speed of sound in order that the pain would be brought to an end more quickly.

This was followed by a loaf in the jacuzzi waters.

I have realise that it was not the 10K which ruined my legs last week, rather it was the lunge and squat sets Mr Couture dictates !

I will head back to the gym after work tonight and do something a tad less demanding - perhaps a X-train or some cycling ?

Making Up

3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 70kg squats
3x10 40kg incline bench presses
3x10 50kg bent over barbell rows
7-8-8-7 pull ups
3x10 10kg behind shoulder presses
3x10 incline sit ups with twists

5,000m rowing
brief stretch

breakfast: hash browns, bacon and beans
lunch: chicken and roast med veg salad
dinner: keema peas, dhal and rice
booze: 3 Stellas, one red
weight: 86.6kg