Sunday, 30 September 2007

Don't talk to me about life

Thrown a day off as I intended to train while Ben and a friend Muay Thai'd but Kru Johnny didn't turn up; bummer as I could have trained in Virgin as Ben had a friend who would have been in Club V.

breakfast: eggs, beans, hash browns
dinner: tuna pasta
booze: 4 Stellas, one red
weight: 86kg

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Not Impressed

25kg barbell, 5 sets of:
Bent rows x8
Upright rows x8
Military press x8
Good morning x8
Lunges x8 (each leg)
Squat x8
Romanian Deadlift x8
constant activity barbell in hand all the time
1 minute rest.

That is to say the Randy Couture barbell workout but as I upped the weight from last time I just didn't feel strong enough to press behind my neck and just did squats instead of squat push presses.

Breakfast: cheese on toast
dinner: chicken, pea and egg stir fried rice
booze: a watching rugby of Stella
weight: 85.6kg

Friday, 28 September 2007

You Booze - You lose !

Days of aching and tightness in both legs have precluded me from any exertion whatsoever !
The cumulative effect of the 10K and the tuesday lunges !

Thursday was the first day I could have even attempted exercise - as it happens I was looking forward to it - never happened.

Guinness as soon as I walked into the kitchen was followed by a few of its kin before I adjourned to the boozer !

I will definitely go today !


Swimming during Ben's lesson

breakfast: remains of last night's kebab
lunch: lamb and potato curry and rice
dinner: KFC bacon double cheeseburger meal
booze: 2 stellas
weight: 86.1kg

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Cross Eyes (Dot Tees)

30 mins cross trainer hills level 15; brief stretch.

breakfast: egg mayonnaise, ham and relish on ciabatta
lunch: bacon and blue cheese baguette
dinner: kebab
booze: 3 Kronenbourgs, 3 Stellas
weight: 85.7kg

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Randy Couture barbell workout

20kg barbell, 5 sets of:
Bent rows x8
Upright rows x8
Military press x8
Good morning x8
Lunges x8 (each leg)
Squat push press x8
Romainian Deadlift x8
constant activity barbell in hand all the time
1 minute rest.

breakfast: mixed vegetabel frittata
dinner: spinach, mushroom and turkey curry with brown rice
boose: 2 whites, 1 Stella
weight: 84.5kg


High intensity training - as suggested by Nick as a useful tool for the kitbag.

I actually carried out the routine incorrectly.

30Kg barbell for appetisers and entree, two 12kg dumbbells for dessert.

All in groups of 8 with the weight never leaving the hand, bent rows, upright rows, press, good mornin', lunges, clean and jerk (not really part of the schedule but similar), deadlift.

Legs agonisingly painful afterwards; Even after a 5 minute steam and a 5 minute soak in a cold outdoor swimming pool.

Fuel was coffee by the gallon, chilli noodles with chicken, vegatable wrap, chicken wrap, chunk of cheese, several glasses of red ( lecture after work ), craving vitiating fray bentos pie (I know! but taste memory occasionally needs to be refreshed and, quite frankly, it was most acceptable !),

Guinness, this time in a group of 10 with the glass never leaving my hand.

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Mince beef and onion slice
Plantation platter and all the trimmings

exercise - driving, drinking, bowling and mentally preparing to join Nick in the high intensity regime he contemplates !

Put the box in another box

2 hours Muay Thai

brekky: egg, ham and pea fried rice
dinner: salmon, sweet potato and courgettes
booze: 4 Stellas
weight: 84.7kg

Monday, 24 September 2007

Fun Run is an Oxymoron

Swansea 10 km race and fun run.

breakfast: bacon sarnies
dinner: spag bols
booze: 3 Stellas
weight: 85.5kg

Prepped and ready

Friday - Guinness at chez, Stella with Steve, Back to Black for the whole evening in the Farmers. Zafran for a rather delicious Ruby ( Lotus root - never had it before. I understand that it is related to the water lilly - delicious ! ).

Saturday - Pasty and curry for breakfast - a jaunt around town and Tesco's then Claudio's for a wonderful BBQ, Bonfire and Peroni ( Actually I took it pretty easy in honour of the 10k )That was 3 - midnight - all in all ideal preparation !

Sunday - brekky - omelet and curry ( actually they go very well together ) - Swansea Bay 10K followed by a relax and a cheeky one or two over the weeks worth of ironing !

Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Day Before

30 mins rowing 5,531m

breakfast: hash browns, fried egg, ham
lunch: spicy lamb and vegetable fried rice
dinner: steak, mushrooms, red pepper and baked spud followed by cheese and biscuits
booze: 3 Stellas
weight: no scales on tour

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Pressed for time

breakfast: fruit and nut muesli with yogurt
dinner: pasta with bolognaise sauce
3 Stellas

3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 80kg squats
3x10 60kg bench presses
3x10 pull ups with 5kg assist
3x10 40kg bent over barbell rows
3x10 20kg shoulder presses
3x10 incline sit ups with twists

Friday, 21 September 2007

Water Baby

half an hour front crawl while Benny had his lesson
breakfast: fruit and nut muesli with yogurt
lunch: chicken with rice and mango chutney
dinner: chicken and grapes
booze: 1 glass white, 3 Stellas
weight: 84.4kg

Aleing and Failing

I fully intended to go to the gym last night - I failed!
Instead I Ale'd.
I wonder if I will finish the 10k ? Hope so, if I do I do not thing McWirter brothers would need to be informed.
( In their honour I drank Guinness last night ! )

Thursday, 20 September 2007

No train - weight gain

Tuesday and Wednesday apathy towards the exercise routine - rest being so important if I am to be in peak condition for the 10K !!!
I will go to the gym today before my usual Thursday night excess - Wales are playing Japan and the boozer beckons !

I am still 15 Stones !


3x10 60 kg bench presses
3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 80 kg squats
3x10 40kg bent over barbell rows
3x10 pull ups with 10kg assist
3x10 20kg shoulder presses
3x10 incline sit ups with twists
fruit and nut muesli with yogurt
pack of three sandwiches
bolognaise and garlic bread
2 white wines

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

On the Box

lunch: KFC sweet chilli chicken bites
dinner: turkey, mushroom and spinach curry with brown rice
booze: 2 Stellas, white wine
weight: 84.9kg
4x5 box jumps
20 mins exercise bike hills level 11
2,000m rowing

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Hither and Yon

A morning stuck in a borrowed car in the chaos that was the M4. Ultimately I never made it as far as Newport because of a fatal accident which closed the road for the best part of 12 hours.
Garage on the way back to pick up items from my own fatally wounded motor.
Suffice it to say that I started work late - very late.

Wholemeal rolls with tuna washed down with a handful of cherry toms.

After work I cadged a lift to the gym.

5km X-Trainer followed by 20 minutes on the Bike ( level 10 Hills ), steam, sauna and a soak in the cooling pool.

Chinese chicken and vegetables, Yung Chow rice, Chinese style roast pork. All eaten replacing cutlery with Walkers Sensations Prawn Crackers.
Tirimisu ice cream (for good measure !)


2 hours Muay Thai after three weeks off (holiday, ill, work). I was hopeless doing flying knees towards the end. I think that I will have to add some Gym Jones style box jumps in training to get a bit bouncier.

breakfast: potato, onion and yellow pepper tortilla
lunch: chicken shish kebab
tea: potato, onion and yellow pepper tortilla
dinner: bolognaise sauce - no pasta
booze: 4 Stellas
weight: 85.5kg

Monday, 17 September 2007

Weekend Away

Friday included a detox at lunchtime and a proper swim after work before an evening of festivities. The first festival was in the Adelphi, the second in the Treetops.

The effect of the over indulgence in the carnival atmosphere required further detox and swimming on Saturday morning which allowed purification in readiness for the Wales v Australia tussle and an evening of fancy dress barn dance action.

Sunday was a write off for all exercise - though I did challenge all comers at Wii Sports ( and generally lost to all comers too ).

That was before I smashed into a stone and debris on the M4 and ripped the guts out of the underside of my car !


3x10 70kg deadlifts
3x10 70 kg squats
3x10 50 kg bench presses
3x10 pull ups with 10kg assist
3x10 4okg bent over barbell rows
3x10 20kg shoulder presses
3x10 incline sit ups with twists

breakfast: hash browns, beans and bacon
lunch: spag bol
booze: 2 Stellas, red wine
weight: 85.6kg

Sunday, 16 September 2007


20 mins treadmill 10 km/h
20 mins cross trainer hills level 11
brunch: pack of three sandwiches
lunch/dinner: as much as you eat at a barbecue
booze: as much as you drink at a barbecue
weight: 85.5kg

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Never Get Out of the Boat

30 mins rowing
6km recline bike hills level 11

breakfast: baked beans and hash browns, fresh carrot and tomato juice
lunch: tuna and sweetcorn baguette
dinner: chicken, baked potato, green pepper
booze: 3 Stellas, red wine
weight: 85.5kg

Friday, 14 September 2007

Back to life..

...Back to reality, back to a monstrous drinking schedule in the Welcome Inn and The Barn.

Swiss Muesli

5Km Treadmill - once again a shade under 30 minutes.
Float in the pool for a cool ( essential at lunctime when one has to re-don a pink shirt )

2x Scotch eggs

20 min recline cycle - 10 Km. 30 x deadlifts @ 60Kg. dunk in pool.

Gammon and egg with chips and peas ( pub style )

Too many Stella's to keep track of !!
My head hurts !

Rest for the Wicked

Thrown yet another day off by life as Ben's swimming teacher was away.

breakfast: soda farl, roast tomatoes, sausages and carrot juice
lunch: ploughman's baguette
dinner: bolognaise pasta
supper: soda farl, sausages, hard boiled eggs, relish
booze: 6 Stellas and a glass of red
weight: 85.9kg

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Weight Your Turn

2 days weights is a row as Pete wanted to train with me and was all cardio'd out.

3x10 60kg Bench Press (last rep of last set spotted)
3x10 45kg Upper Back Machine
3x10 150kg Leg Press
3x10 Swiss Ball Sit Ups
3x10 10kg Concentration Curls each arm
3x10 10kg Dumbbell Shrugs
shoulder, hamstring and calf stretches

lunch: chilli con carne and rice
dinner: sausages, mash, peas and onion gravy
booze: a few glasses of red
weight: 85.6kg

The recommended 5 a day

5Km and 5 Meals ( one for each of my belly's )

Tuna and cheddar sarnie ( home made bread of course ! )

Lunchtime ( only time today )
5Km treadmill - a shade under 30 minutes
Dip in the pool to cool.

2 apples, 1 banana, 1 pear, 2x small pork pies, cheese and ham sarnie, rolled leg of lamb steaks with sprouts, carrots and potatoes.

I am still 15 stone and I still require ankle supports !

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Hard Days Night

Panic is starting to set in about the 10K - I am miles behind in any training schedule. Oh well, no rest for the wicked ! I will have to redouble my efforts !
No running today as I have decided that I need ankle supports if I am to run any significant distance. After all I am still over 15 stones !!

Poached eggs on home made Ciabatta, Ready brek

10 minutes rowing - Concept II - level 10 - 3350m
20x 18Kg dumbell clean and press
Cool in the Pool

Apple, banana, pear, plum.

10 Km recline cycle - Hills Level 10
3x10 36Kg military press
4x5 18 Kg clean and press
20 minutes X-Trainer - Interval Hills - level 10
cool in the pool

Stilton on toast

Left in the Lurch

10-10-5-5 70kg deadlifts (weak left grip again)
3x10 70kg squats
3x10 50kg bench presses
3x10 40kg upright rows
3x10 25kg shoulder presses
3x10 50kg lats pull downs
3x10 incline sit ups with twists

lunch: cannelloni and garlic bread
dinner: kebab
booze: 5 Kronenbourgs
weight: 85.5kg

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Halfway up the stairs

Despite a burning urge to sack activity and head for the couch I did manage to drag myself to the gym last night.

5Km treadmill followed by a cool in the pool and the briefest of steams.

Despite a warm down my ankles and feet are aching like mad, I wonder if I will suffer with shin splints if I continue to concentrate on running ?

I was fuelled by Ready Brek, about 20 cherry tomatoes, chilli noodles, Lasagne and a selection of cheeses.


30 mins rowing; about five and a half thousand metres. Wasn't paying precise attention to the distance. Stretching. Can't do Muay Thai at night due to entertaining duties.

breakfast: BLT Baguette
dinner: beef and onion pie and chips
weight: 85.5kg
bppze: 5 Kronenbourgs

Monday, 10 September 2007

Weight Up

3x10 60kg bench press
3x10 40kg upright row
3x10 70kg squats3x10 10kg assisted pull ups
3x10 20kg shoulder presses3
x10 40kg curls
3x10 incline sit ups with twists

bacon, tomato and mayonnaise baguette
pasta with bolognaise sauce
5 Stellas, 1 red

The importance of being

Friday training included a lunchtime swim and a post work 3km run with a 20 minute X-Trainer cooldown.
The scene was thus set for the opening match of the Rugby World Cup. Fuel was Stella and Curry.

Saturday was a no training scenario the Fuel was Guinness and Pasta.

Sunday was a return to the gym. 12Km Hills Cycle ride followed by 6Km treadmill. My plan had been to watch the 1st half of the Wales v Canada game while running and the second half in the bar. I got the kick off time wrong so I ran for longer than I meant too waiting for the game to commence !

Fuel was egg on toast, BBQ food at Mark The Butchers washed back with a few gallons of Guinness !

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Back in Harness

20 mins treadmill 9.5 km/h
6km recline exercise bike hills level 11
2000 m rowing
3-4-5-6-7-8 70kg deadlifts

breakfast: sardines in a pitta
dinner: chorizo and green pepper fried rice
booze: 3 beers
weight: 86kg

Saturday, 8 September 2007


I fully intended to hit the gym before the rugby last night but went to the pub with Mark and Paul instead. A new label "Wasted" is born.

breakfast: sardines in a pitta
lunch; chicken and mixed veg
dinner: chicken and rice
booze: 3 lagers, 2 red wines
weight: 85.1kg

Friday, 7 September 2007

At Swim-Two-Birds

Thrown a day off exercise by life, as I intended to swim while Ben had his lesson then found out that lessons don't start until next Thursday.

breakfast: courgette frittata and chorizo
lunch: chicken salad baguette
dinner: chicken and coleslaw
booze: 7 440ml Stellas
weight: 84.8kg

-273.15 degrees C.

I too was thrown a day off exercise yesterday. Not by the vicissitudes of life as in your case but rather by the vicissitudes of my fascination with alcohol and tobacco !

I felt that the appropriate cure for a day couped up in a stuffy, if not generously proportioned, office was an ice cold brew. Obviously my car thought exactly the same and rather than take me to the gym it took me back home to my icy, if not generously proportioned, beer fridge ( the one in the kitchen rather than the one in the garage ).

The rest is history.

I must endevour to go to the gym in the day today. The RWC starts showing on ITV1 tonight and if I get caught up in that before exercise is attempted I fear the worst !

By the way, do you recall my nagging feeling yesterday, I was nagged by 3 pepperami and a meat feast pizza ( what a day for vitamins that was !).

Yestardays food for thought - Rolled oats with a dried fruit compote, Pyttipanna and 2 fried eggs.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Dependancy Syndrome

I did no exercise yesterday. On the plus side I had a no booze day - so given my recent regime, overall it was a most healthy 24 hours !

Fuel was just about enough to launch the shuttle into a geostationary orbit !
Rolled oats with two bananas, Tuna roll, buffet of various sandwiches, sausage rolls, bhaji, samosas, wraps, chicken, crisps, cake etc...( you know the sort of thing ), pork pies x3, 1Lb St Agur cheese ( eaten in various ways - sarnies, crackers, on pringles, on sliced chicken, on sliced ham and straight off the knife ) Fried field mushrooms with garlic, red pepper and leeks, two fillet steaks with buttered baked potato, ciabatta bread with marmite and a caramel and chocolate magnum.

I apologise if I have omitted anything from that list - nagging feeling that I have missed something out along the line ?

Can't wait to get to the gym after work so I can hop onto the scales and see how much weight I have lost !

At the bar

I found out a couple of weeks ago, but failed to record it here, that the metal sleeved bars in the gym weigh 20kg and the plastic sleeved variety weight ten. So now at least I know how much I'm lifting.

3x10 60kg bench press, 3x10 40 kg upright rows, 3x10 pull ups with 10kg assist, 10-10-6-4 70kg deadlifts (left hand grip gave way on penultimate set, should always do deadlifts first if I can), 3x10 incline sit ups with twists, 3x10 10kg dumbell Arnold presses each shoulder, 3x10 150kg leg presses.

lunch: tuna and sweetcord baguette
dinner: jerk chicken, brown rice and coleslaw
booze: 6 Stellas
weight: 85kg

Wednesday, 5 September 2007


I should really have been running yesterday with the Swansea 10k coming up so soon, but I would have been rasping given the cold I've got; 12km exercise bike hills level 11 had to substitute.

breakfast: lemsip
lunch: lemsip
dinner: industrial quantities of bolognaise sause and courgettes
booze: 2 red wines, 4 IPAs
weight: 85.6kg

Ninety Five and a Quarter !

I cannot decide if my motivation is shame, desire, guilt, embarrassment or the pursuit of an achievable goal ? Perhaps my motivational factors juggle priority, I wonder what outcome they will persuade me to achieve. Who knows ? and let's be quite candid, who cares ?!

I went to the house of pain once again last night - I hope the habit remains this time around.

I elected to reward dedication with a fairly easy bout.

12Km recline cycle maintaining a heart rate around 145bpm - took exactly 20 minutes.
10x assisted pull ups, 30x 35Kg deadlifts, 20x 35Kg military presses, 30x 16Kg dumbbell curl, clean and presses.
Quick Jacuzzi and a cool down leaning against the wall in the pool occasionally kicking my feet.

Fuel was a Tuna roll, a cheese and bacon sarnie, a bowl of chilli noodles, several bowls of JB's Byriani concoction and a banana. (5 a day sir ? I think not !)

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


I was hoping to get back to Muay Thai last night after a week of R&R, but I came back from Wales with the mother of all colds and regardless of my ability actually to take part I don't think anyone would have relished being drenched in my phlegm while working with me. Today therefore a new Triathblog label "sickie" is born. On the bright side I suppose this shows how disgustingly healthy I am most of the time.

Yesterday's Fuel:
breakfast: bacon roll
lunch: fish pie
dinner: chip shop chicken curry and chips
booze: 4 Stellas
weight: 84.9kg

Muscle memory

Until this morning I was unaware that Muscle Memory could relate to recalling the pain of fatigue. A sensation I have not experienced for the best part of 4 months !!

Most frustrating is the apparent lack of exercise which is now required to cause such pain !

2K treadmill and some futile resistance before a soak in the jacuzzi and a steam. The whole shooting match from entering the hallowed portal and exiting same was under an hour !

Fuel - Tuna and sweetcorn rolls (x2), Pyttipanna, Bacon wrapped pate stuffed chicken breast in cream, Rice 'n diced (vegetables).

Monday, 3 September 2007

Slowly and Surely

I returned to sports yesterday. Steam, sauna and a short swim. I am a physical wreck !
The Rocky theme tune is now my ringtone and all 6 DVD's are lined up on top of the TV !
By the end of the week I may even be ready for my first viewing of 300 !
Yesterday's Fuel
Roast pork hash
Sausage Baps
Several bowls of salad
Plantation Platter

Stella - Innumerable ! But only one Bow

The booze situation at the moment requires attention !