Friday, 29 February 2008

Next please

In leiu of exercise I was encouraged to stand around in Next for several hours while Jo tried on new clobber for a Friday night shindig !
As a reward I was expected to stump up for said items !!

Barn thereafter where I tied one on in spectacular fashion


swam while Ben had his lesson.

scotch egg
scotch egg

2 whites

Thursday, 28 February 2008


To the recline cycle for the last 2 days in order to rest my weary back !

30 minutes hills interval level 15

This is extremely painful for the pins !!

Food a-plenty but only two pints of Samuels Cider.

I am losing weight !

Alps to Himalayas

30 mins concept2 rowing

promax diet shake
lunch: 2 pints of Edelweiss wheat beer preparing for Austria.
Nepalese dinner
4 Pitch Black Stouts and wine with meal


Wednesday, 27 February 2008


3x10 10kg overhead squats
3x10 20kg front squats
3x10 90kg back squats
leg stretches
3x10 dips
3x10 40kg ezbar preacher curls

protein bar
fruit and nut bar
pasta with peas and prawns

1 white

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Best of intentions - all for nothing !

tomato soup
mixed bean and tuna salad
2 rounds of bread and butter

Pulled muscle in lower back while shifting a box of files. Ironically 19 cases which form a class action for back injuries !!!

Comfy when stationary - agony when not.

I drove to the gym but as becoming vertical after the drive was so painful I ultimately gave it a miss !!

A night of sitting on the bean bag eating Chilli should have eased the situation !


promax diet shake
promax diet shake
stilton, celery and grapes with 1 claret

Monday, 25 February 2008


Friday was a short recline cycle day
Saturday was X-trainer ( 30 minutes interval hills level 12 ) followed by recline curls and skull crushers
Sunday was a day of rest ( and recouperation )

Food and booze was done to extreme excess !!

Good week for me this week - I vow not to have a swig unless absolutely necessary !!

All White

30 mins run: (6 lots of 40secs at 18km/hr, 80 secs at 6km/hr, 180 secs at 9km/hr)
leg stretches
3x10 overhead squats with a broomstick
3x10 20kg front squats
(working on form for the last two as the flexibility and technique demands are high)

protein bar
pasta carbonara

1 white

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Back on the wagon

3 x 10 hanging knee raises
3x10 dips
3x10 pull ups
leg stretches
3x10 12.5kg cable cross overs
10x3 70kg bench presses
10x15kg, 10x20kg, 10x25kg cable kneeling crunch
SMR'd back with foam roller
10x20kg, 10x30kg straight leg hang clean
2x3, 1x4 30kg straight leg hang clean/front squat complex

The exercises in italics are all new ones I was trying out. They're all good. I have conceived an ambition to be benching my bodyweight sometime this year.

Cyclone shake
power bar
Red thai chicken and sweet pepper curry and rice

no booze

Saturday, 23 February 2008

The Rest is History

Hit the pub rather than they gym last night. ...............
Plenty lager, plenty wine, beef and onion pie and chips ..........
Weigh 87kg this morning

Will train and diet hard for the next week to make up for it until I am off skiing next weekend.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Lager and Life

Wavering in discipline I toyed with the notion of sacking the Gym last night. Leaving work late after little sleep and an arduous day. The steering wheel and the though of Charlie ( Nick ) getting stronger as I got weaker spurred me on.

30 minutes X-Trainer, level 12, Hills setting Interval training. 12 Kmh minimum 15 Kmh on the hill.
12 Kg recline dumbbell curls - Groups of 8 repeated 8 times
8Kg skull crushers - groups of 8 repeated 8 times

Felt like smashing a speed ball as I walked past when I exited for the sauna.

It is all good and I am just under 15 Stone 2 lb.

Moroccan lamb, chickpea and cous cous
Pasta with cheese and Veg sauce

Becks and Stella haze - no counting as that would be churlish !

Back to Basics

5 25kg MRCq's
Leg stretches

chicken and dried fruit tagine
steak and mushrooms

1.5 reds

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Fat White Duke

I have made more returns than Jimmy Connors !!

Last time on Triathblog :

John was recovering from the dissapointment and dislocation of a shoulder brought on by discordant, inhedriated revelry. Fearing repurcussions and reproach he shyed from the Gym area and the only taxing exercise he engaged in was that of his gray matter. Plans formed are now afoot and barring traffic congestion and the constant lure of his various collected vice he is now ready to set off the firework taper of his plans for fitness success.

I am both lazy ( exercise lacuna )
and fat ( no discernable weight loss despite being weeks behind in the related challenge )

Tonight will witness a rebirth of a temperate exercise machine regime !!

Read on ( now that I am restored to blogging capability and culpability !!

Front Row

30 mins Concept2 rowing machine
roundhouse stretches

chicken and potato cakes
boozy quiz evening

(Under 85 for the first time since November)

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Getting my back up

3 x (10 captains chair, 10 dips, 10 pull ups) complex
roundhouse stretches
squat stretches
3x10 25 kg cable pullovers
3 x 10 60 kg bench
3 x 10 40kg ez bar preacher curls
1 x 8 25 kg upright row (at the start of a MRCq that my back wasn't up to)
2 mins rowing - that was OK and will probably be what I do tomorrow

Cyclone shake
pork and veg coconut curry
chocken and potato cakes

6 Stellas

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Determination was running at a high but I was let down by ability and stamina !

30 minutes X-Trainer Interval Hills level 12. 7Kmh minimum on the flat, 12Kmh minimum on the hills.

18 Kg recline curls - 5 sets of 5
24 Kg shoulder shrugs - aplenty
14 Kg skull crushers - 5 sets of 5 ( at which point my arms were in agong and I could not carry on !! )
sauna and jacuzzi

Chicken salad sarnie
parma ham finger roll
lasagne scraps
small slow cooker experiment ( which was not altogether successful !! )

15 stone 2lb ( at least it is in the right direction !! )

Run for you life

lunchtime sauna to sooth back, then
Alternate between:
30 seconds running (fast running, but not sprinting)
4:30 minutes either fast walking or slow jog
Repeat 7 times for a total of 35 minutes
On the treadmill it takes a while to speed up and slow down so I started accelerating at 0 secs and decelerating at 30.

30 secs 20km/hr; 4 mins 30s 9km/hr
30 secs 18 km/hr; 4 mins 30s 9km/hr
30 secs 18 km/hr ; 4 mins 30s 9km/hr
30 secs18 km/hr; 4 mins 30s 9km/hr
30 secs18 km/hr; 4 mins 30s 6km/hr
30 secs18 km/hr ; 4 mins 30s 6km/hr
30 secs18 km/hr; 4 mins 30 9km/hr

chocolate weetabix
chicken and veg curry

6 Stellas

Monday, 18 February 2008


I have returned and you will now be the subject of a determined challenge to push both you and I prior to any Skiing you may wish to attend !
Weight will be lost and fitness found.

Besides an outrageous boozing and overeating few days I did attend the house of pain and did indeed suffer from the pain of exertion !!

10 Minures Concept 2 level 10 ( not reaching 2500m )
30 minutes X-trainer - Interval Hill training level 12
30 Minutes recline bike - Interval Hill training level 12
3x30 KG Coture's
Floorwork for core stability ( Plank, cycle sit ups, gym ball exercises and crunchies )
This was all followed with a relaxing float.

Onwards and Upwards !!

15 Stone 3 lb

Still Hurts

I attempted a self designed scapular stabilisation stretch on Friday night which seems to have put my upper back out of commission so I was reduced last night to:

30 mins hills level 11 on the recline exercise bike.

sausages and bubble 'm squeak
tuna salad
keema peas

1 red, 1 white


Sunday, 17 February 2008

My Back Hurts

Roadwork - round and round in circles as the riverside Mead Lane is shut for three months for flood prevention works

spinach scrambled eggs, toast
hot chicken and bacon salad
tuna and sweetcorn pasta

6 Stellas

Saturday, 16 February 2008


3 x 10 Captain's Chair
3 x 10 dips
3x10 25kg assisted pull ups
3x10 60kg bench
3x10 40kg ez-bar preacher curls
65 crunches in 2 mins
3x10 25 kg cable pullovers
3x10 12.5kg cable crossovers
3x10 10kg simultaneous hugh cable curls
3 x10 50kg seated pulley rows

chicken and salad
chicken and dried fruit tagine with cous cous

3 stellas

Friday, 15 February 2008

Swim Schvim

Swam while Ben had his lesson.
bagel and frankfurters
bread and dripping
chicken and relish
2 whites

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Ill Met By Moonlight

3 x 10 Captain's Chair
3 x 10 dips
3x10 25kg assisted pull ups
3x10 60kg bench
3x10 ez-bar preacher curls 12.5kg each end of bar
60 crunches in 2 mins
3 x10 50kg seated pulley rows
3x10 40 kg incline bench presses
3x10 25 kg cable pullovers
3x10 20kg 2 hand cable curls

protein bar
Peking duck

2 Pitch Black Stouts, 2 G&T's, 3 Stellas, half red

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Stella by Starlight

4 25kg MRCq's
roundhouse stretches

Protein Shake
duck, cucumber and hoi sin wrap

an evening out of Stella

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Not wanting to rush matters I went for a swim last night - just to ease and loosen up the shoulder - all was well.

Scotch egg
Ham roll
Stewed Steak mopped with bread and butter

Tomorrow I will attempt some fruit or even a veggie !!

15 Stones 3.5lb !!

Thai a yellow ribbon (groan)

Muay Thai
muesli and yogurt
KFC two piece meal
roast duck
cereal bar

1 Stella, 1 white

Monday, 11 February 2008


Shoulder is back - well, good enough to train on !
Week away from the gym and a weekend of excess food and drink !

I remain at 15 stone 3lb but I am too ashamed to note that which I consumed over the weekend !!



3 x 10 20 kg assisted overhand grip dead hang pull ups
3 x10 50kg seated pulley rows
3 x 10 x 10 captain's chair/incline sit ups supersets
3x10 20 kg front squats (still can't quite work out how to hold the bar).
3x10 40kg leg extensions
roundhouse stretches

bacon and beans
tomato, cucumber and frankfurter salad
frankfurters and beans

1 white, 3 Stellas

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Wales 30 Scotland 15

40 mins recline exercise bike hills level 11 (2nd half of rugby)
10, 8 , 10 65kg bench press
3x10 dips
3x10 (l/r) 10 kg low cable curl
3x10 50kg pectorals machine
3x10 25kg cable pullovers
3x10 40kg ex-bar preacher curls
roundhouse stretches
squat stretches

bacon, egg and tomato
liver, onions and broccoli

5 Stellas, 1 red

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Failure Still an Option

2500m level 10 on rowing machine 11:21.7 - another challenge failed
4x 25kg MRCq's

yogurt and fruit
pint of Guiness
cod, mushy peas and chorizo in wine
2 reds, 4 Stellas

Prodnose: All that fluid is for "boiling down" I suppose?
Myself: Bad manners cannot be disguised by an affectation of bonhomie.

Friday, 8 February 2008

Going to Lengths

Swam while Ben had his lesson.
Steak, mushrooms and spinach
1 red, 1 Stella

Thursday, 7 February 2008



3 x 10 25 kg assisted overhand grip dead hang pull ups
60 crunches in 2 minutes
3 x10 150kg leg press
3 x10 50kg seated pulley rows
3 x 10 captain's chairs
3x10 40kg leg extensions
new roundhouse stretches
squat stretch

Protein shake and "cod liver oil plus multivitamin" tablet.
Protein shake
2 pints of Winter Warmer
2 glasses of red and a couple of sarnies at launch
Stella all through the England game


On the mend

Once again my shoulder problems prevented training !! That said it is feeling far better and I will undoubtedly be returning to exertion over the next day or so !

Prawn Cocktail
Victoria sponge
Scone with cream and jam
Chicken Vindy with rice
Pepparoni Pizza

Minister without alcohol

Just over the 15 stone mark ! That said the 13 lb weightloss challenge is Game On !
( Chineese new year will not be assisting any weight loss regime this evening ! )

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

One is Fun

Roadwork (forgot to switch GPS on for the first how ever many hundred metres).

3x10 dips
2x10. 1x8 65kg bench presses
3x10 (l/r) 10kg one arm cable curls
3x10 30kg cable pullovers
3x10 18kg incline dumbell bench press
10 10kg incline bench dumbbell curls
2x10 40kg ezbar preacher curls
new roundhouse stretch of my own design

Protein shake and "cod liver oil plus multivitamin" tablet.
Protein shake
red grapes
Cyclone Protein shake
Sausages and sweet potato with tomato and red pepper relish

1 Stella

Flat !

Once again my left was weak and tender so I did not train. I did have a steam and try some stretches - overall I think it is easing.
I could seek treatment but recently there is some adverse publicity regarding Welsh massage parlours !

Muesli ( Dorset Cereals - nice !! )
Tuna and cheese sarnies
Pancake with sugar
Chicken Vindaloo and rice
Hob nob flapjack

15 Stones 3 lb

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Shoulder Day #2

No exercise due to shoulder pain which continues - I wonder if I pinched a nerve ?
I did pop for a sauna and a jaccuzi but this did little to ease the pain.

Prawn Sarnie
Ham Sarnie
Chilli and rice

15 Stones 2 lb

Shake It

Muay Thai
protein shake
protein shake
protein shake
chicken, tomato and cucumber salad
2 Stellas

Monday, 4 February 2008

One over the eight

3 x 10 30 kg assisted overhand grip dead hang pull ups
3 x 10 incline sit ups
3 x10 150kg leg press
3 x10 50kg seated pulley rows
3 x 10 captain's chairs
3x10 40kg leg extensions
SMR on legs

egg sandwich
chicken with tomato and red pepper relish
tuna and sweetcorn pasta

8 Stellas

Agony and extacy

Friday was without exertion but filled with vitamins.

Chicken rissotto by the bucketfull - all sorts of nourishment.
I settled on a single bottle of Stella realoising the excesses due on the Saturday.

On saturday Mia and Jasmine had an hour of Street Dance at the club which afforded me a window for some exercise.

10 minutes Concept2 - did not make the 2500m target I have set myself !
50 Crunches in 2minutes
20 Kg concentration curls - 40 each arm in total
Pull ups x3 x3 x2 x1 x0
X-Trainer 12 minutes interval training level 10

An hour in the pool with M&J

Omelette for brekky
Touch of rissiotto for lunch
sausage and chips at halftime
Guinness x far too many

Must have slept awkwardly as my left shoulder was in agony all day sunday !! This meant no exercise and my hangover meant comfort eating !

Chilli con Carne
ham and cheese Pitta's

Repeat until comforted !!

15 stones 4 lb !!!

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Wales comeback flattens England

10 10kg overhead squat

10 x60kg, 9x65kg, 10x65 kg bench

3x10 dips

3x10 40kg ezbar preacher curls

3x10 18kg incline dumbell bench press

3x10 12 kg incline bench dumbbell curls

1x10 25kg, 2x 27.5kg dumbbell curls

roundhouse stretches

chorizo and red pepper omelette

chicken and cucumber

post rugby curry

rugby and evening worth of lager and wine


Saturday, 2 February 2008

Marine Corps Order (MCO) P6100-12

4.8km 25 mins 48 secs (53 points)

8 dead hang pull ups (40 points)

54 crunches in 2 mins (54 points)

147 points is only three off 1st class in the 46+ age bracket. Another pull up would have cracked it.

full English breakfast and toast
homemade ceviche and salad
protein shake
bread and dripping
3 Stellas

Friday, 1 February 2008

Bigger and Better

Time and tide did not hang around, in fact, they actively opposed my regime. Being of the essence I rushed around the gym.

3x 30 Kg RC's ( which appear to be increasingly difficult so I will lay off them for a few days to regroup )
Pull ups and Dips ( to static, agonising exhaustion !! )
Crunches - 50 in 2 minutes.
Dip in the pool

Oats with rasberries
Ham salad sarnie
Chicken and Chilli broth with noodles
Dried up, bitter and ancient Clementine
Natchos with Chilli con Carne ( Guacomole, Soured Cream and Salsa dips )
Gammon, eggs and chips
Bow and Guinness a-plenty !
Stella in the early hours to wash down a drunkenlt wolfed Tortelini and Ragu !!

15 Stones & 2 Lb !!!! Hmm !!


Swam while Ben had his lesson.

protein shake

pork and salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing

mixed veg and pork curry in coconut milk

5 Stellas