Sunday, 18 March 2007

A Hard Day's Night

Did an hour with Gordon this morning. He is starting to beast me now that the event is looming, thus I got grief over the beer and pizza I consumed watching yesterday's rugby, and was driven in exercises to the point that I felt that he only took his foot of the accelerator when I'd done so many reps I was close to vomiting. "We're working on stamina, " he announced reduntantly.

At the end of the session he told me that I was tired and needed a day or so's rest from training.

A fact that I don't want to face is that I've been training practically every day for ages, and that getting the right rest and nutrition will be, if anything, more important than putting the miles in over the next few weeks.

Yesterday's Fuel
breakfast: bacon and eggs
lunch: tuna pasta
dinner: pizza
booze: evening's worth of wine and lager
weight: 14st 2 again.

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