Thursday, 2 October 2014


3 x 10 12.5kg cable crossovers
3 x 10 30kg recline press
3 x 10 40kg bench

3 x 10 strict ez bar preacher curls 12.5kg on end of plastic sleeved bar
3 x 10 1/r 22kg dumbbell preacher curls
3 x 10 20kg barbell curls

active hanging leg raise for time
an evolving kneelin' crouchin' foldin' lungin' op'nin' bendin' session with squat bookends, frog stand (fell on my face) and cross-legged stand-ups

tuna, egg, chilli pepper mayo and salsa roll
prawns, broccoli and carrots in oyster sauce with egg and pea fried rice
mixed nuts

13 st 6

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