Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Waiting For Columbus

I had decided that 2 miles would be more than sufficient for the second outing after a break of 10 days, I am shattered and the week of booze and take away food and no sleep and stress has caught up.

I elected for Waiting for Columbus disc 1 as it had been some little time since I had listened to what is one of the great live recordings, set it up and stepped out for my brief jog.

7 tracks and just under 40 minutes later I returned with a pain in my ankle but a smile on my face. It turns out that with the correct motivation two good runs on the trot can be achieved and, dare I say it, enjoyed !

I now need to scrabble about to find some cash for my motivation jar as lack of reddies would have made a shorter jog more appropriate too.

I am guessing at 4-5 miles ?

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