Thursday, 7 August 2014

Interdependent origins & dependent origination

I wrote a full and detailed post last night upon my return and I believed that I published it but following a review of Triathblog it appears I did not even save my carefully weaved stream of consciousness !!

Fill My Little World - The Feeling
You Can Depend On Me - Dexter Gordon
Change It - SRV
Join The Band - Little Feat
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
You'll Be Mine - SRV
Time - Hootie & The Blowfish
The Rover - Led Zeppelin
Ruby's Arms - Tom Waits
The Ways Of Love - Neil Young
Mercenary Territory - Little Feat
Cold, Cold, Cold - Little Feat

The essence of my process was once again regarding the sorrow suffering and pain so as to better understand their interrelationships with all states of the five aggregates.
If one recognised the nature of sorrow or suffering one will also be able to better understand its causes.
The suffering I felt was in my legs and that stopped my considerations so instead I concentrated on motivation for the run and for my current regime in order to reach peace.
I tried out the Garmin and found that I ran exactly 4.99 miles at a very slow pace indeed ! Pleasing yet disappointing all at the same time; which ties in nicely I think ?

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