Sunday, 6 October 2013


10 30kg pulley
10 35kg pulley
10 40kg pulley
10 45kg pulley
10 50kg pulley
10 55kg pulley
10 60kg pulley
10 65kg pulley
10 70kg pulley

3 x 10 22.5kg cable triceps extensions with rope
3 x 10 10kg l/r dumbbell triceps extension
3 x 10 15kg barbell triceps extension

Scotch egg, pork pie and crisps
Cheese sandwich

No scales on tour


John said...

Was it a small or medium session on Saturday after the surfing and/or Sunday after the Rugby ?

Nick Browne said...

8am Saturday morning before driving down to Cardiff, then 10:15 yesterday morning while Ben and the boys were rugby training.