Sunday, 11 July 2010

Agony - no Ecstasy

I woke at about 1.30 pm feeling less than smooth. I decided to get the scheduled run out of the way before I started to feel any worse.
The 2.5 mile run was the most difficult I have attempted. I was dizzy with alcohol and my body temperature could not be controlled or regulated.
I had to walk some of the course but wanted it to be over so much that I started running again so that the pain would be of shorter duration.
When I arrived back home I tried to wolf back a pint of water but my mouth was so dry (Gandhi's dap) that the water never got to reach my throat having been sponged up by my lips and tongue. The poisonous acid in my legs has not dispersed whatsoever.
Moral of the story - go running a bit later in the day following a very large drink - they don't tell you these important tips in the training manuals !

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