Saturday, 19 May 2018


3 x 10 150kg leg press
3 x 10 35kg leg adductor machine
3 x 10 30kg leg extension

3 x 10 50kg triceps machine
3 x 10 20kg curl machine
30 20kg abdominal crunch machine

3 x 10 7kg l/r simultaneous dumbbell triceps extensions
3 x 10 7kg simultaneous l/r dumbbell curls
3 x 10 20kg triceps press downs
3 x 10 25kg cable curls

30 second right lead, 30 seconds left lead grapevine on the Woodway Curve. (Grapevine means running sideways, with your back foot crossing over your leading foot, first crossing in front of your leading foot, then behind it.) It is harder than it sounds, and trickier leading with my left rather than right.

apple and pear

carrot soup with asparagus mayo roll
lager and wine
13 st 2

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