Wednesday, 14 December 2016


10 20kg pulley
10 25kg pulley
10 30kg pulley
10 35kg pulley
10 40kg pulley
10 45kg pulley

3 x 10 40kg lats pulldown

3 x 10 150kg leg press
3 x 10 35kg leg adductor machine
3 x 10 40kg leg extension

30 20kg abdominal crunch machine

3 x 10 25kg shoulder press machine
3 x 10 24kg kettlebell shrugs/weighted carry combo
3 x 10 8kg l/r kettlebell bottoms-up press

hang to failure from lower bar so there isn't much of a fall

tried some of these for when I am on the road with the kettlebell in the boot of the car
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coconut and swede curried soup and a bacon roll

13 st 1

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