Sunday, 3 August 2014


The truth of dukkha
The origin of dukkha
The truth of cessation
The truth of the path

Baby steps for me here but my understanding of suffering was greatly highlighted by the hills and roads to the abbey and back.

Isis - Bob Dylan
Conehead - Zappa
Reno - Bruce
You Talk Too Much - Joe Jones
Start All Over Again - Van
Ay Morena - Raimundo Amador
She Talks To Angels - The Black Crowes
Oh! Darling - The Beatles
Like Lovers Do - Lloyd Cole
Untitled - R.E.M.
Old Dan Tucker - Bruce
I Am A Rock - Simon & Garfunkel
A Foggy Day - Sinatra
Beside You - Van
Tripe Face Boogie - Little Feat
Butterfly - Lloyd Cole
Let Me Put My Love Into You - AC/DC

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