Thursday, 21 August 2014


3 x 10 50kg bench
3 x 10 30kg incline press
3 x 10 10kg decline flyes

3 x 10 1/r 14kg concentration curls
3 x 10 15kg preacher cable curls
3 x 10 ez bar curls 7.5kg on end of metal sleeved bar

30 captain's chairs
lungin' op'nin' bendin'

red flannel hash
tuna, tomato and basil risotto

13 st 6


John said...

Beetroot ? How did that work out ??

Nick Browne said...

Red flannel hash is good. My vegetable box forces me down these lanes. Borscht is my favourite way with beetroot though, you should try it.

I am due blueberries in today's box, so Ben will get them in pancakes with bacon this weekend in the IHOP style he has got used to over the last few weeks in Florida.