Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize And Hold On

I did nothing on the 28th, off birthday.

There is much on my mind at the moment so I decided to seek the serenity and find an ice green rock pool I searched for in my id as I ran.

Shorter run but I did try and make it ever so slightly faster and more painful. I think it was 45 minutes but I would only be able to guess the distance. No need for guessing any more thanks to the Garmin ( which I failed to charge !).

Once - Pearl Jam
Stormy Monday - Little Milton
In My Command - Crowded House
Your Own Worst Enemy - Springsteen
One Night - Elvis Presley
Like A Soldier - Johnny Cash
Release - Pearl Jam
Society Pages - Zappa
Grace - U2
Eyes On The Prize - Bruce
Don't Look Back - Madness

I ache but I am still driven. Hoping that I can keep up the improvement. I am looking forward to Friday immensely !

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