Friday, 18 July 2014

Clubber, what is your prediction for the night?

I was in exquisite and developing agony today! Shoulders, the tops of my arms and triceps were deafening in their screams to be rested and to allow my arms to lay lank at at my side.
I was an aimless spinning drum with no rotation and dread at the thought of the afternoon and the weekend.
I made a covenant and bound myself so upon my return, and under criticism of a few barbed but ultimately dispensable comments I tried to ignore the fact that I could not raise my hands in defence or to blow my nose and tried to ignore.
I had tears in my eyes at the end.
I am out of shape and can verge upon the feeling of my sinews ripping. Much has got to change as I am actually embarrassed at and for myself. Improvement is on the way.....I hope.
The silver lining was that my arms were so numbed when I finished that the pain was manageable so I took advantage of the range and had a shave !
Now I will do a few more light reps with a bottle opener and a verdant field of bottled Stella.

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