Thursday, 5 September 2013


3 Miles maintenance run in Cardiff.
Bronwydd down to Roath Park, along one side of the park, up Celyn Avenue onto Cyncoed Road and then over to the top of Bronwydd and an easy drop down to the house.
It felt like more than 3 but I am putting that down to the cumulative aches of running most days and the box of wine and box of lardies I put away on Tuesday night!
After that the new challenge - 6,8,6,6,13 ( Max'd out at a rather shaky 13th). This is going to be tough I think ?


Nick Browne said...

That is my standard Cardiff run apart from the fact that I finish with Ty-Gwyn Road and Ty-Gwyn Avenue.

John said...

I am aching a great deal today following the run. Celyn Avenue was tough but the rest is fairly flat! I may take in a loop of the park next time, it is a 2.2 mile circuit so twice and the run back and for to the house would make it 5 miles of standard fayre ?