Thursday, 5 September 2013

K not H

I was exhausted and empty when I arrived back from work but I know that tomorrow will be a rainy day and it will also be my depress down challenge, well tomorrow and or Saturday ?
I absolutely could not face the street but I am still motivated and can switch off to apathetic laziness - particularly when I have started a run - so I tuned in to Zeppelin and tried to tune out of my aching and my potential stitch.
I planned a 5 mile Abbey and back but I did it in reverse and chose some new roads, which turned out to be a mistake! Hill road is rather aptly named though it is so long and so steep it has sponsored the title of this post! I was wrecked after that and had a few bouts of walking up the inclines that remained.
6 miles but I can only really claim to have run 5; Hill Road is a challenge in itself and that I managed - just!

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