Thursday, 15 August 2013

He Calls His Beard Count Nicholas

I was unhappy on the way to work today but when I arrived I heard two gents elucidating the title and the morning was grand.
After lunch I felt that my motivation was escaping me and this continued through the afternoon and the journey to Skewen seemed to take an age.
I drove myself and made myself don the trainers and head out. I drained the sand from the hourglass and even though I was sore I went soft and steady and then lost myself in the trance which comes with a run that allows me to lose myself.
It was a new route and I kept on so that my momentum took over and I came good.
I did 5 as an estimate, I will pick up tomorrow and be inspired, I hope!
Thirsty Thursday now and tonight.
I am thinking of my prize for running frequently this month, my jar is not yet replete!
Between tunes on my pod i sound like a grumbling miserable sod when I am running, after 'Something' by the beatles and the next tune I was forced to expectorate and it sounded like I grumbled and then muttered "bitch" under my breath! Not really appropriate for the polite dog walking community I thought! Thank God I cannot hear myself through the course ( coarse ) as I would not wish children to hear my exhausted expletives!!

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