Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Ever so slightly over my target of 3 miles. In my book that is a 5k of up hill and down dale pain !
I guessed the distance as I ran but drove it after a shower to measure the run. Not very green of me I grant you, still my recycling bags of many colours overflow this evening so perhaps I am carbon neutral after all.
I am smug with the run which I consider an achievement. Calves are hurting now though !


Nick said...

What is the furthest you have to go before the event itself?

John said...

5 miles a full week before the race according to the schedule but it is an 8 week schedule, I am 3 weeks in and the race is not for another 12 weeks so it is all a bit vague as to how I will maintain any level of fitness for teh race itself ?